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  1. I am planning an installation of Passwordstate using an existing SQL 2014 server but a brand new database. In the installation instructions it states: Important: SQL Server must be configured for mixed-mode authentication, so the Passwordstate web site can connect to SQL Server using an SQL Account. Active Directory Accounts cannot be used to authenticate against the database. But I also found this concerning using Managed Service Accounts: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/blog/configure-passwordstate-to-use-a-managed-service-account-msa-to
  2. OK I have made more headway. The IE Extension works if you run IE as an Administrator. Close IE and run as a regular user and it behaves as before. Chrome is working fine as a regular user.
  3. Thank you for the reply, I will see if I can find another PC to install it on. In the mean time I don't find an uninstall for the extension, (it's not in the Control Panel Programs and Features) what is the procedure to uninstall it? FYI removing the extension from Chrome and adding it back worked. So now the extension icon is white but it is not prompting me to select a credential, or fill in the credentials or add the credentials to Passwordstate. Can you tell a website that you know works with the extension to test against?
  4. We are setting up our first Passwordstate server and are having problems getting the browser plugin to work. It turns white when I log into Passowrdstate, but if I go to any other web page it turns red. Any suggestions of what to look at? I do have a case open, but the time difference between the US and Australia is slowing things down to a crawl.
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