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  1. I'm using V8.9 (Build 8903) and I'll send you an email with the actual hostname and titles. All the best, Fabian
  2. If you would like to have the "Ignore Form Filling" and the "Ignore Asking for Saving" functions separated (this is currently combined), please support my feature request by posting a "+1" there:
  3. Hi there, I've some hosts for which I set the "title" field additional to the hostname to have a proper name displayed in the hosts tab. But there's an issue with sorting, they are not sorted by the displayed title, but instead (as it seems) by the hostname, which is not visible. So the ordering is not by alphabet anymore and messed up. Would be nice, if this could be fixed in a comming release :-) All the best, Fabian
  4. Hi all, I've some websites on which the Passwordstate browser extension is asking me all the time if I'd like to save a password. This happens e.g. when there are different password fields on a website, like when you manage users with a password field, this will happen all the time. After every form submit Passwordstate is asking if the password should be saved. This is very annoying. If you click "Ignore" (screenshot below), it leads to prevent Passwordstate from filling the form as well. There's currently no way from stopping the browser extension to ask for saving passwords and still let it fill the form. I really would like, if clicking on "ignore" would only prevent asking for saving passwords, but would not stop filling the form. For me it really doesn't even make sense to ask at this point about stop filling forms and I think this is not really obvious as well (that clicking on this ignore button, after entering credentials, will lead to stop filling of other credentials in the form on this site). I guess it's not only confiusing for me and I guess that many people unintended stopped the browser extension from filling the form by clicking on ignore there. From my opinion these are two completely different things: 1. Prevent Passwordstate from filling forms: I think it's good to have this as a user preference setting as it is right now. 2. Prevent Passwordstate from asking about saving a password: I think this should be handled in the browser extension. So here's my actual feature request: 1. Clicking on "ignore" on the screenshot showing above should not stop Passwordstate from filling any forms. Instead it should just stop asking for saving passwords. 2. I really would wish to have something like a checkbox or a switch displayed in the browser extension. There I could control if I would like have Passwordstate asking me to save passwords on the current site (should be enabled by default). A little mockup below, sorry for bad paint skills ;-) If you like this feature request, please post a "+1", highly appreciated! All the best, Fabian
  5. Wow, that's very impressiv how fast you were fixing this!! I can report that it's working again! Awesome!! Thank you very much & best regards, Fabian
  6. Hi there, I'm experiencing the issue, that my browser is not asking me anymore if I would like to save credentials. I tested on two different computers (both with Firefox 75). When I login with the same user to Chrome, it works fine. I already experienced this issue with other websites in the last days, but currently it happened with the following site: https://manager.infomaniak.com Also last time I double checked, that the website is not in the ignore list under my user preferences. All the best, Fabian
  7. Hi Alun, A very nice solution. Thanks for sharing! Fabian
  8. Hi Alun Rather then using the audit logs from Passwordstate you could really query the logged on users from the server you would like to connect to. This can probably be achieved by using PowerShell as well. As you need to have special permissions to query this, you could use the credentials you already get in the PSLauncher.ps1 to connect to the server... All the best, Fabian
  9. Hi alun Probably you could add a custom code to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Passwordstate Remote Session Launcher\PSLauncher.ps1" This PowerShell script is used to connect via RDP. But take care to make a backup of this script before updating the Remte Session Launcher next time. All the best, Fabian
  10. Hi Mark&Lee I truely understand that you don't support form filling within iframes. As I still have the workaround to choose a matching credential by using the extension icon it's totaly fine with me. But I need to mention, that the issue, that the overlay popup got cut off (see screenshot above) is not related to iframe. I think this is a general issue, when the form is on the very left side of a website. All the best, Fabian
  11. I just figured out, that the overlay popup doesn't show up in the normal ServiceNow view, where the user record is loaded in an iframe on the right hand side of the page. But when you open the user record directly (I mean without the iframe), then I can click on the overlay icon and I get the overlay popup. Working: https://test1231.service-now.com/sys_user.do?sys_id=b824ce5bdbXXXXXXXXXXXXXX91c Not Working: https://test214.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=%2Fsys_user.do%3Fsys_id%3Db824ce5bdbaXXXXXXXXXba51d96191c
  12. I just bumped into another issue. When the form is on the very left side of the website, a part of the overlay popup is getting cut off. Here the mask of ServiceNow /login.do site. The issue I mentioned above, that I dont get the overlay popup, is happening only on the user record in ServiceNow, but not on the login.do page. I just double checked that.
  13. I noticed this on different websites, but I've also seen pages where I got the popup overlay. For sure it didn't work on ServiceNow sites. You can get a test instance by registring on developer.service-now.com.
  14. Hi Mark and Lee Thank you very much for all the improvements. My issue with the user-records is resolved now. Instead of overwriting the user_name and user_password field I now get the overlay icon and nothing gets overwritten anymore. Thats great! As I understand, the extension is working now in the way, that it doesn't automatically overwrite the fields, when they don't match exactly. Instead I'm getting the overlay icon and can select the credentials manually if I'd like to use the credentials from Passwordstate (e.g. when the field id has changed). This perfectly works for me, when I click on the extensions icon and select a credentials from "Show matching Logins". But clicking on the overlay icon in the form itself has absolutely no effect. Shouldn't I get the popup to choose a credentials when clicking on the overlay icon? All the best, Fabian
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