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  1. Fabian Näf

    Browser Extensions fills wrong fields

    You can register here and request a developer test instance. After you saved the main login credentials... In the menu you can then search for users and open the users table under "System and Security". There you can open a users record and will see that the User ID and Password field gets overwritten. All the best, Fabian
  2. Fabian Näf

    browser extension not filling fields

    Hi there Thanks for the fast reply! I personally would prefere the behavior as it is described in the documentations ;-) No I havn't seen prompting again a second time. All the best, Fabian
  3. Hi guys, I really like the new browser extension, it's such a great improvement! Excellent work! I'd like to report a bug I'm experiencing (which I already had with the old extension). Very often I'm using ServiceNow (Website). The main login page has two fields: <input type="text" class="form-control" id="user_name" name="user_name" ... and <input type="password" id="user_password" name="user_password" ... Filling this form works absolutely flawlessly. The Passwordstate record for this page has saved: UserName Field ID: user_name Password Field ID: user_password But when I navigate to another page within ServiceNow to open an ServiceNow users record and edit it, the users username and password are getting overwritten by the extension. In this place, the autofilling is unintended as it overwrites current values and can lead to issues (user can't log in anymore). Here the page looks like this: <input type="text" id="sys_user.user_name" name="sys_user.user_name" a and <input id="sys_user.user_password" name="sys_user.user_password" type="password" As you see, the id and name are containing the same, but are not equal.... Do you see any possibility to improve this? All the best, Fabian
  4. Fabian Näf

    browser extension not filling fields

    Hi Guys I just updated to 8806 and I did some testing. It seams like, that Passwordstate doesn't fill the form anymore when a website is configured as ignored website. I'm a bit supprised by this behavior, as the description says, that it would prevent the extension from prompting again for saving credentials. Now it seams like, that ignoring a website means, that the website is not going to be autofilled anymore. All the best, Fabian
  5. Fabian Näf

    browser extension not filling fields

    Hi guys, Yesterday I just started to experience the same for a certain website. The icon of the extension is showing, that there's a record, but it doesn't get filled in. Login/Logout of the extension was not helping to get it sorted. As I remember right, on this page the extension was ask once for saving another credential and I think I clicked "Ignore". I haven't done any further investigations, as my issuing page is just temporary. I'm only guessing, that this could be related. @Mark Bell Could you doublecheck, if this page is listed as ignored in your user preferences? All the best, Fabian
  6. Fabian Näf

    New Browser Extension (8765) Beta Feedback

    Hi Guys, Thank you very much for picking up my inputs! About the unexpected logout: I only tested with my test/privat environment so far. This is running on a domain server with AD DNS, but I use it mostly over the internet with DNS name from a public DNS server. But this DNS record shouldn't change to often ;-) But as I'm connecting over the internet (and WiFi), the connection could be a bit unstable... don't know how the extension is able to handle such circumstances... It's actually very nice to contribute with you guys! As I'm currently on a world travel trip for the next months/years, I hope I'll find some more time for things like that. Unfortunately I'm not going to Australia, otherwise I would come over for a beer :-) All the best, Fabian
  7. Fabian Näf

    Upgrade Error SparkGateway.exe in Use by Another Process

    Hi Guys, I think I got the cause of the issue.... My backup and upgrade runs under a specific service account which has very limited rights. This account had only rights to start and stop the Passwordstate Service, but not rights to start and stop the Passwordstate-Gatway Service. So I granted this permission to this account as well. I think this will resolve the issue (well see with the next upgrade). Thanks for all the help and sorry for the trouble ;-) Regards, Fabian
  8. Hi Guys, this morning I've just seen the blog about the new browser extension and I couldn't wait to install it. I really love all the new features, it improves the extension so much! During my first tests I remarked some things I'd like to report back. I tested with Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (64-Bit). Wait until logged in Like a half year ago (or more?), the old extension got a big improvement: The extension turned white (logged in) when the Passwordstate page started to load. Before I always had to wait until the whole Passwordstate page got loaded. This was very usefull when you work in a slower network (like WiFi) or if your server is on the slower side. With the new browser extension unfortunately it's again like, that I need to wait until the whole Passwordstate page finshed loading to get logged in. You can notice the difference very good, when you have the now and the old extension working in parallel. Unexpected logged out I also had this issue with the old extension as well: All of a sudden I'm logged out of the extension, before the timeout has been reached. While testing I had the old and the new extension activated in parallel (don't hope this was causing the issue). Like 10 minutes after I started testing, all of a sudden I was logged out from the new extension, but still logged in with the old extension. This is just a first report after some less testing. I'm going to monitoring this a but more... Search when multiple passwords available When I go to a website, where I have multiple credentials (2) matching. There is this new fantastic icon overlay, where I can choose between the credentials. In this overlay there's the search box. First of all, the search box is not visible (no border). If I would'n have read about this on the blog I wouldn't have noticed this function. When I type in this search box, searching is working and filtering out the not matching credentials, but I don't see anything typed in this box, I can't see what I've typed. (tested with www.gmx.ch) Curser directly in search field This is just a suggestion, but would improve the usability a litte bit and making your workflow a bit faster. With the new extension you can click on the extension icon and search through all your available passwords, what is absolutely genious! I really really love this feature. In my opinion it would also be great, when the cursor would be placed in the search field directly after I clicked on the extension icon too. So I could click on the icon and directly start to type without needing to put the cursor there first. Thank you guys so much for developing the new extension! All the best, Fabian
  9. Fabian Näf

    Upgrade Error SparkGateway.exe in Use by Another Process

    Hi Guys, Sorry for the very very late answer with this topic! Now if finally got the chance to check the state of the services during the update progress. After the process told me "- Stopping Passwordstate Windows Service....." (and was downloading then) I checked the service states: Passwordstate Service was stopped, but Passwordstate-Gateway was still running. This time I stopped the Gateway service manually and I didn't get the error. I don't have any monitoring system which could restart the service. Both my services are running under Local System. Here are some more information about the configuration of the Gateway Service: PS C:\Users\[...]> Get-Service Passwordstate-Gateway | fl * Name : Passwordstate-Gateway RequiredServices : {Afd, Tcpip} CanPauseAndContinue : False CanShutdown : False CanStop : False DisplayName : Passwordstate-Gateway DependentServices : {} MachineName : . ServiceName : Passwordstate-Gateway ServicesDependedOn : {Afd, Tcpip} ServiceHandle : SafeServiceHandle Status : Stopped ServiceType : Win32OwnProcess StartType : Automatic Site : Container : Regards, Fabian
  10. Hi my friends of Passwordstate In my test-environment on (almost) every update of Passwordstate I get the following error: - Stopping Passwordstate Windows Service..... - Download started..... - Extracting new files..... - Installing new files..... - Upgrade error detected - The process cannot access the file 'c:\inetpub\Passwordstate\hosts\gateway\SparkGateway.exe' because it is being used by another process. - Method = CopyNewFiles Please check/test your settings on the screen Administration -> Backups and Upgrades -> Settings button. There is also full documentation and troubleshooting steps in the Security Administrators Manual under the Help menu - refer to the section "Backups and Upgrades". This error is not really an issue. After that I get logged out and after log in again I get the step 2 of the update and everything works as expected. I’m just wondering if this is a known error? Does anybody else already got this error? I already excluded the whole Passwordstate folder from my anti-virus scanning activities... All the best, Fabian
  11. Fabian Näf

    Personal API Key

    Hi I just wanted to remark, that Azkabahn tested out the WinAPI with Linux and it seamed to work nice. All the best, Fabian
  12. Fabian Näf

    Browser Extension - Update Password

    Hi Lee Thank you very much for sharing the plans about the browser extention. I'm using the extension very often and I'm really looking forward to the comming versions! All the best, Fabian
  13. Fabian Näf

    Browser extension issues since recent update

    Hi Lee Thank you very much for the explanation! Regards, Fabian
  14. Hi all, In the last days I had issues with different websites to fill the form. Usually it helped to update the id or name fields, because the website changed the tags. It would be great if the browser would recognize when I enter my credentials manually on a website (where the website is already existing in Passwordstate) that it already exists and would ask me if I would like to update this Passwordstate record to match the new field tags. Also if I logon manually to a website, where the website is already existing in Passwordstate, and I use the same username, but a different password, the browser extension could recognize this and ask me if I like to update the password. I general I would wish that the browser extension would be a bit more userfriendly, for me it's fine to inspect a website and update the tag fields in Passwordstate, but for the most of our users it's a litte bummer, they don't get it. If someone else from the community has any suggestions how to make it more userfriendly from his experience, don't hesitate to share your thoughts. Thanks to all other people in the community for a "+1" reply and thanks to Clickstudios for putting my request to the queue of feature requests :-) All the best, Fabian
  15. Fabian Näf

    Browser extension issues since recent update

    Hi all, In the last days I also struggeled with some websites about the auto filling. For me it helped to remove the credential from Passwordstate, re-login to the extension and then login again to the website to let the browser extension catch the credentials and add it to Passwordstate. I had some websites where they changed the id or name tag in the html. If this was the case I also could update the browser field tag according to this video: I'm right, that the browser extension (now) does work with eighter the id or name tag? From the text in the "browser form fields" tab, this is not really clear to me as it says "names" in the text and "ID" on the fields. All the best, Fabian