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  1. Hi guys, Another example, where I always get the prompt to save a credential from ServiceNow. When you deploy so called update sets from one instance to another, there's a credential stored for this task. The password is not readable for obvious reasons. The browser extension is aksing me here every time, if I would like to save this credential. Best regards, Fabian
  2. Hi Stan, Not sure if this helps, but what you can do: You can clone a folder. This is what we do in our company: We have a predefined structure of Folder/Passwordlists as sort of a template and we copy this structure for every customer. Regards, Fabian
  3. Another example when I get the prompt and the Passwordstate extension unnecessarily asks me to save the credential: When I logon to the Citrix page of a customer, I have to enter a OTP in a second step. After submiting the OTP I'm getting the prompt. Unfortunately I can't share this URL and credentials with you but I hope you've some other two-factor pages like this, with a password field for the second factor. @GregSmidI hope you have some other public available pages which you can share with us to have some more examples.
  4. The stored URL in Passwordstate exactly matches any other URL in Passwordstate. E.g. I have the following URL stored: https://dev73199.service-now.com/ (this one is not active anymore) To get your own instance you just have to click on "Request an Instance" on the left side of the page, after loging on to developer.servicenow.com. Then you have to choose a version (doesn't matter) and click on request. After some seconds you'l get an url, username and password to logon to your own ServiceNow instance. Then you can test it out by yourself.
  5. I think there's a missunderstanding... I wasn't writing about the logon form of the developers page itself. My answer was related to any ServiceNow instance. After you have registered on the developer.servicenow.com page you can request your own ServiceNow instance. When you got your own ServiceNow instance and you have logged in to that instance (and saved your logon credential), you can go to the users or any other page in ServiceNow, where you have a password field and you'll get the experience of asking you again and agian and again to save a password ;-)
  6. Hi buddies, That's exactly what I mentioned in my first post in this thread ;-) If you need to have a website to test this out, go to developer.service-now.com register there to get a test instance of ServiceNow. In ServiceNow you can update any record with a password field. For instance, where you open a user record or when you created a record for a "Update Source", there's a password field as well. After submiting any of these pages, the Password state extension will ask you to save a credential. Best regards, Fabian
  7. From my point of view, these are two complete different things: form filling and asking to save a credential. Currently these two things are bound together. If you would like to stop the browser extension for asking to save a credential, there's no way to do this without also stoping it to fill the form. For some sites, I really would like to stop it asking me again and again to save a credential, but this is not possible without also stoping form filling. What I wanted to say before: If you just rename the button from "Ignore" to "Never" and still do the same, I would be
  8. Thank you for providing the screenshots and explanation. Am I right that clicking on the new "Never" button will not add the URL to the 'Ignored URL' list anymore? How can I undo the action after pressing the "Never" button? Like, if I would like to let the browser extension asking me again to save passwords for this site?
  9. Thanks for your answer and explanation! I'm really looking forward to version 9 and try to follow all your blog enties and news on facebook as well :-) I'm not sure if I understood that right. You'll rename the "Close" button to "Later" and the "Ignore" button to "Never", is that right? Will there also be a change in the behaviour (except letting the icon turn blue)? If the question would still be "Add Site to Passwordstate?", answering with "Never", leading to ignore form filling, wouldn't be that obvious to me (as the question isn't about ignoring at all ;-) )
  10. I've Passwordstate installed on a dedicated server and accessing Passwordstate from my Laptop and from my VDI client, which both are independent from the server where Passwordstate is installed. All the best, Fabian
  11. Thank you very much, highly appreciated! Best regards, Fabian
  12. Thanks for your fast reply and your explanation. I totaly understand, that you can't forward my laptop, while it's turned off. But why don't you always redirect to the SAML logout URL (HTTP status 302, HTTP Header Location) instead of showing the IIS timeout logout page when my computer turned on again? Best regards, Fabian
  13. Hi Buddies! I'm using Passwordstate mainly from two computers, from my laptop and from my VDI client. The VDI client is always running and the laptop I turn in hibernate mode after working. Regarding the session timeout I'm experiencing different behaviours from the two clients. VDI Client On the VDI client, which is always running, the session timeout is working perfectly and I'm getting logged out from my SAML provider after the timeout limit has been reached. When I login to the VDI client the next day, I see the SAML provider's logut page, which is: https://log
  14. No I have like 10 hosts and 3 folders in the test-environment, where I discovered the issue. The limit is just set as something like a precaution ;-)
  15. I'm running build 8951 and experiencing the issue with Load on Demand enabled and setting "Limit the number of displayed Node" to 1000. All the best, Fabian
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