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  1. Hi Team We need a diagram that shows the trend of the password stange compliance over time. We imagine something like the diagram that can be found at "Passwords Home" where the usage of passwordstate is shown. The background for this feature is, that we want to be able to see if we are making any progress regarding the strange compliance quality. It would be great if there will be a diagram that contains two lines, one for all passwords and one where the "Password Strength Compliant" is "No". additionally this information with historical Background. For example it could look li
  2. Hi, correct, we are using only Local Security Groups. Yes it would be nice if there will be an overview with permissions has been approved to the group. in general, the users have no idea what permissions are set to wich group. But it is more the team wich is interisting or a discription. for example, we have 5 default lists for each service application passwords (e.g. passwords required to start or log in into applications) database passwords (e.g. all passwords that belongs to databases) administrative passwords (e.g. passwords with local administrator permi
  3. I would like to have a feature where each user of passwordstate is able to request the membership of any security group. For this each group needs to have a group admin (or more then one) that is able to maintain the members (adding, deleting) and also is able to answers the requests. This would ease the permissions topic a lot for us. I am imagine something like a new option at the "Tools" menu (or somewhere else) like "Teams". There you could for example maintain your groups or request a new one. To complete this feature it should be possible to request access to lists fo
  4. Hi, [...]So now you can just use as an additional field for more information if needed, but it is only visible on the Edit Password List screen for Password List Administrators [...] That is not correct and this info can eventually lead into security problems... the description field is shown at the "Request Access to Password Lists" screen: This view is reachable for everyone who has access to passwordstate, so if you insert sensitive informations, each user is able to get it! I think this field is a
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