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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to support in Date Picker - Date older then 1980?   
    Hi Tony,
    It seems there is a default value applied to this control, as you can see from this forum post - https://www.telerik.com/forums/raddatepicker-remove-1-1-1980-mindate-default
    We will need to look into how this can be changed.

    Click Studios
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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to support in Passwordstate Support Information Script   
    To help us troubleshoot your issue, it is very handy for us to know certain information about your Passwordstate website, database, and the infrastructure that is is running on.  To help speed up our support response times, we've developed a Powershell script that will collect some information about your environment. 
    To run this script:
    Please download the script from here: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/serverinfo.zip Extract the zip file and save the ServerInfo.ps1 file on your Passwordstate web server Open Powershell ISE "As Administrator" and open your ServerInfo.ps1 file Run the script, and it will prompt you for a path to save the output. When the script has finished it will create a ServerInfo.zip file on your disk.  Please email that back to support@clickstudios.com.au  
    We have tried tried not to collect any data about your environment that is sensitive, and below is full disclosure of what the script is doing:
    This script will not make any changes to your server, or Passwordstate environment Information it collects from your web server is as follows: All Installed Programs on your server Name of your web server Last time your web server was rebooted Free disk space and free memory on your web server A check to see if your web server is a part of a domain, or a workgroup What language the web server is in Information about your Passwordstate App Pools in IIS - Names, Path and Identity Type Installation path of your Passwordstate website Passwordstate web bindings in IIS List of certificates names on the web server, and who they are issued by Powershell version Information about Passwordstate services - If they are running and who is the logon identity Passwordstate folder permissions Event Log errors from the Application Event log Information from the web.config file - database server name, SQL instance, database name, setup stage and passivenode values.  We also query the username and password out of the connection string, but do not store this anywhere.  We only use this information temporarily to connect to your database and gather the information in the section below  
    Information it collects from your database is as follows: How many password lists and passwords Names of Password Lists and tree path Count of auditing records Count of total users in the system Count of total Security Groups Database Build Number, Base URL and Fips Mode  
    **NOTE** if your web.config file connections string and AppSettings section is encrypted, we simply skip that section and do not collect any data from your database.
    If you are not comfortable with providing Click Studios any of this information, we can send you a modified script with any parts you deem too sensitive removed.  We will still also help you as we always if you do not feel 100% comfortable running this script. 
    Click Studios
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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to support in Error after upgradeing Windows Server 2016 Updates (May)   
    Okay, the restore of the VM snapshot would have caused this - it looks like your VM Snapshot was old, back when you were using an older build of Passwordstate. Basically your files and database are now out of sync.
    To fix this, can you please follow section '5. Manual Upgrade Instructions' in the following document - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version8/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf
    Click Studios
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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to support in Backup account: use a managed account   
    Hello HA4g3n,
    We cannot really use a gMSA account here, because we need to 'Impersonate' the account in code when performing backups and upgrades, and when impersonating you need to specify the password for the account - which is not possible for gMSA accounts.

    We did finish this feature request yesterday, and it will be available in the next release.

    Click Studios
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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to Buckit in Backup account: use a managed account   
    Hi again,
    Poking around the Administration-section of the web interface I decided to set up automated backups for Passwordstate. I was quite surprised to find that we need to hard-code the password for the backup account. I mean, the whole point of Passwordstate is to have managed accounts
    Could you possibly update the automated backups in such a way that they can use a known username+password object from the Passwordstate database? That way, if the password gets changed, we won't have to manually edit the backup settings.

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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to support in Estimated time for install and configuration.   
    Hello HA4g3n,

    We'll do some testing again with Server 2016, but that is the Version 8 install. Hopefully we can make a small tweak to the script and it should work for you - we'll let you know.

    Click Studios
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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to support in Passwordstate Unattended Install   
    This post describes the steps needed to perform an unattended install of Passwordstate.  This procedure is automated via Powershell and requires no GUI interaction to complete.
    Windows 8.1 + or Windows Server 2012 + Powershell 4.0 + Preferably Dual-Core 1.6Ghz or higher 2 GB RAM (the more RAM better with higher concurrent user access) 200 MB of disk space for web install Passwordstate Source Files SQL Express source files with SQL Management Studio Tools source files (Optional)
      Installation steps performed via this automated process:
    Installation of IIS Manager role with required settings if not already installed Installation of source files in c:\inetpub\Passwordstate Creation of Passwordstate Web Site Creation of Application Pools Creation of Certificate Creation of API, Self Destruct and Mobile applications within IIS Creation of Firewall rules Installation of Passwordstate service Installation of SQL Express software (optional)  
    Post Script tasks:
    Once this script has installed Passwordstate, you will need to browse to your new Passwordstate URL and configure the settings for the first time use.  These steps can be found in Section 8 of the Installation Guide.  
    Steps Required to Perform Unattended Install:
    1. Download the https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/passwordstate_unattended_files.zip and place it in a folder of your choice on the machine you intend to install Passwordstate on
    2. Download the https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/passwordstate_unattended_script.zip and extract the contents into the same folder as you downloaded the source files to in Step 1
    3. If you would like to automatically install SQL Express 2016 as part of this unattended process, you will need to supply the SQL Source installation files. You will need to download these files as a once off process, and transfer them to the machine you are installing Passwordstate on in the same folder as Step 1.  Below are the instructions on how to obtain the source files in the correct format:
        a. Download SQL Express 2016 SP1 from https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=799012 (Or what ever the latest version of SQL Express is on this page)
        b. Run the SQLServer2016-SSEL-Expr.exe
        c. Click ‘Download Media’
        d. Select the Express Core option, and a Folder to download the source files to, and click Download
        e. Browse to the download folder and run SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe - Choose a place to extract all the files to.  Copy this entire folder into the same folder that you created in Step 1 and close down the SQL Installer Window if it is still open.
        f. Download SQL Management Studio Tools (SMSS-Setup-ENU.exe) from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/download-sql-server-management-studio-ssms.  Place this executable into the same folder as Step 1
    **NOTE** Take a copy of these SQL Express Source files, and the Passwordstate Source files, and they can be re-used if deploying Passwordstate to multiple systems - no need to download them multiple times unless you want to get the latest Passwordstate source files**
    4. Edit lines 9, 10 and 11 in the Powershell script to modify the 3 variables appropriately.
    5. Log into your server as an Administrator and run Powershell "As Administrator".  Load the .\Unattended_install.ps1 script and execute
    Depending on whether or not you chose to install SQL Express, this unattended install may take a few minutes or up to 10 or so minutes to complete.
    Please feel free to modify the scripts to suit your needs, possibly with some proper logging and any other Powershell commands that you think will help automate this process for you. 
    Click Studios
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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to support in Cannot delete folder?   
    No worries - glad to help
    Click Studios
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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to support in Password List Templates - Is Linked! --> Guide is not?   

    Sorry, at this stage it's not possible as our thoughts would be that the guide should be specific to each Password List, so it didn't make sense to copy them from a template.

    We'll need to look into this as an option for you in a future release.

    Click Studios
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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to support in LDAP over SSL   
    Thanks for your request Gregory. We will need to look into this once version 8 of Passwordstate is available.
    Click Studios
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    Haagen IT Partner reacted to support in Scheduled Duty Access   
    Hi Tony,

    There should be not much load at all in synchronising these groups - it only makes one call to AD per group. A lot of our customers even have the scheduled set to every 5 minutes.

    Click Studios