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  1. I just noticed i need to use the Standard Fields (had it unchecked) and not the Generic Fields And Firefox addon is bugging for me. Work´s good now in IE and Chrome Thanks
  2. Ahh, nice! But i forgot to mention so the users don't need to create a Private Password List manually and it works with URL field "out of the box" if possible, a pre cloned private list with URL field. Is there a way of accomplish this? Thanks
  3. Hello, is there a way to preconfigure a private passwordlist for all users as a default template so they don't need to add fields by themself? bankcard and URL field is a good start for example so the browser addon works with less work. If not may there be a chance to implement it? Thanks
  4. HA4g3n

    Backup account: use a managed account

    Ahh, i see! Thanks for the clarification Awsome job once again!
  5. HA4g3n

    Backup account: use a managed account

    Hello, I have stumled over this aswell. In my opinion the best way is to add possibility to use gMSA authentication here if possible. I've setup the SQL servers services to use gMSA and it works fine and then the application server needs a specified user/password account? My vote goes for gMSA since you already hinted about those in your instructions of the SQL authentication What are your thoughts about this? Thanks in advance HA4g3n Sweden
  6. Isn't that script only compliant with version 7.x? i tried that script again today and with a fully updated Windows Server 2016 and the current version of .NET is 4.6 (4.6.01586) and it complains that version 4.5 is not installed when running it. I edited the script values that matches the registry but it didnt work out so i commented some lines out just to continue. Is there a Unattened installation for version 8.x on the way ? =)
  7. HA4g3n

    Download speed

    Hello, I experience the same speed problem and im downloading from Sweden. Here is a traceroute and im beeing routed through USA in not so optimal way. From what i see i´m routed from Stockholm -> US, California -> US, Texas --> US, California --> Sydney, Australia I get about 30-70kb/sec downloading the install files. 5 4 ms 5 ms 9 ms gige-g2-1.core1.sto1.he.net [] 6 52 ms 29 ms 33 ms 100ge3-2.core1.ams1.he.net [] 7 30 ms 47 ms 36 ms 100ge9-1.core1.lon2.he.net [] 8 96 ms 98 ms 99 ms 100ge4-1.core1.nyc4.he.net [] 9 157 ms 157 ms 157 ms 100ge8-1.core1.sjc2.he.net [] 10 174 ms 163 ms 158 ms 100ge13-2.core1.sjc1.he.net [] 11 321 ms 320 ms 319 ms 12 313 ms 312 ms 313 ms syd-apt-ros-wgw1-be-20.tpgi.com.au [] 13 314 ms 314 ms 314 ms 202-7-162-250.tpgi.com.au [] 14 333 ms 333 ms 333 ms be51.cr2.syd7.on.ii.net [] 15 315 ms 315 ms 314 ms ae6.cr2.syd4.on.ii.net [] 16 334 ms 335 ms 334 ms ae16.cr1.adl2.on.ii.net [] 17 334 ms 334 ms 334 ms te-0-0-0.pe1.adl6.on.ii.net [] 18 333 ms 333 ms 333 ms 19 332 ms 332 ms 332 ms 103-234-60-13.expeed.com.au [] Maybe this post explains this routing and the high latency lately? =) Thanks HA4g3n
  8. HA4g3n

    Passwordstate Unattended Install

    Hello, Nice job! I tried it but edited the following lines to specify the data to a secondary disk: 15, 167, 238. Looks good. Thanks
  9. HA4g3n

    Support of Windows Server 2016 Core?

    Hello, Pokeing this thread and wonder how your thoughts are about the question above. Are you evaluating, discussing or is it a bad question
  10. HA4g3n

    SQL Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

    @Fabian Näf Yeah, im looking into this aswell and would increase the security alot. We are right now looking if we could get this SQL license as an internal use. If not i guess im going for SQL Server 2016 with Always On - Basic Avaliability Groups that is supported in Standard edition. Sound better then the FCO,the clustering solution that have a shared storage with single point of failure.
  11. Hello, Do you officially support Passwordstate to be hosted on Windows Server 2016 Core as frontend servers with IIS ? For a setup with HA. Or might that be a bad idea? your thoughts are welcome. Technically it should work. As i see in the req it´s only the below: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 & IIS 10.0 Thanks HA4g3n
  12. HA4g3n

    Cannot delete folder?

    Ahh, thank you!
  13. HA4g3n

    Cannot delete folder?

    Hello! I cannot delete a folder i have created. Im logged on as admin and have admin permission on this folder. No password lists exists as i see in this folder, maybe a private that i cannot see? If so how can i list them and delete them? Have read the manual but im still stuck. I can create new folders with different Folder Permission Models and propagated or not adn delete those but not this one. Now i got this smart idea, how about changeing permission on the folder then change back? Baam i locked myself out from admin permissions to modify permission.. so how can i delete this folder now? Kinda clumsy i know but now im learning something from it. Thanks HA4g3n
  14. HA4g3n

    LDAP over SSL

    Yeah would be super if this is implemented in the future since GDPR and ISO 27 001 is around the corner. Thanks
  15. Hello! As topic says: I have bunch of Password List Templates and i have written a guide to every passwordlist that hints what sort of password should be stored there. Is there a way to link the guide aswell maybe? or push an update of it? For future purpose Thanks