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  1. Passwordstate Unattended Install

    Hello, Nice job! I tried it but edited the following lines to specify the data to a secondary disk: 15, 167, 238. Looks good. Thanks
  2. Support of Windows Server 2016 Core?

    Hello, Pokeing this thread and wonder how your thoughts are about the question above. Are you evaluating, discussing or is it a bad question
  3. SQL Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

    @Fabian Näf Yeah, im looking into this aswell and would increase the security alot. We are right now looking if we could get this SQL license as an internal use. If not i guess im going for SQL Server 2016 with Always On - Basic Avaliability Groups that is supported in Standard edition. Sound better then the FCO,the clustering solution that have a shared storage with single point of failure.
  4. Hello, Do you officially support Passwordstate to be hosted on Windows Server 2016 Core as frontend servers with IIS ? For a setup with HA. Or might that be a bad idea? your thoughts are welcome. Technically it should work. As i see in the req it´s only the below: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 & IIS 10.0 Thanks HA4g3n
  5. Cannot delete folder?

    Ahh, thank you!
  6. Cannot delete folder?

    Hello! I cannot delete a folder i have created. Im logged on as admin and have admin permission on this folder. No password lists exists as i see in this folder, maybe a private that i cannot see? If so how can i list them and delete them? Have read the manual but im still stuck. I can create new folders with different Folder Permission Models and propagated or not adn delete those but not this one. Now i got this smart idea, how about changeing permission on the folder then change back? Baam i locked myself out from admin permissions to modify permission.. so how can i delete this folder now? Kinda clumsy i know but now im learning something from it. Thanks HA4g3n
  7. I understand that, and good that you prioritize This are not core questions but it may help people useing the procuct in a more efficient way. I tried the Clone and it works good with copying the structure and permissions, but then the update chain from the "Guide page" will now need a special procedure. Instead of updateing the "Password List Template" now we will have to update that customers Guide we are cloneing from. And that customer is not updated after it has been templated out either. Hmm.. Im just thinking out loud here so we don´t get cornered in the future. In that way for a holding structure we need to change the permissions in the templates and the guide from the customer we are cloneing form. Not 100% optimal but could work better then createing the folder and all lists manually as i was thinking of in the begining. I don´t know what else is not linked or copied Thanks i´ll work on this and evaluate more
  8. Hello, Yes and no, i have renamed the templates in a structured order so it´s easy and fast to use. Therefore their names are not usable for nameing the passwordlist. I have the following structure as the picture below: Templates 1-9 is the standard template of an ordinary customer and will be used to 90% of the time. Then we have a few specifed customers that mostly only permissions are attributed that only certain people work with by delegated permissions. A solution may be an added field: name of password list. Example below of an edited picture. As the Template list grows this would gain more effective way of useing them. What do you think? Thanks HA4g3n
  9. Hello! It would be really nice if you could have a option for each Password List Template to name the new Password List to a specified name. For example if i use the "Backup Template" then the new Password list should be named Backup. I have searched but i cant find any option to accomplish this.
  10. LDAP over SSL

    Yeah would be super if this is implemented in the future since GDPR and ISO 27 001 is around the corner. Thanks
  11. Hello! As topic says: I have bunch of Password List Templates and i have written a guide to every passwordlist that hints what sort of password should be stored there. Is there a way to link the guide aswell maybe? or push an update of it? For future purpose Thanks
  12. Scheduled Duty Access

    Yeah but this duty is on out of office hours and we want to automatize this feature as much as we can. A tighterer schedule intervall on importing users and update memberships of groups is then necessary so these changes are read from the ad. I have now set it to 30 minutes of intervall. Don´t know how much load it will be on ad servers but i it´s a good start.
  13. Scheduled Duty Access

    Hello! First i want to say thanks for a good product! Very good job! I have been working on to implement a new password structure since GDPR and ISO 27 001 is around the corner and have evaluated some Password manager systems but none are as good as yours in my opinion so far. So thank you. Evaluating stage but im very happy so far. Is there any options or feature to have a scheduled granted access for the employees on a duty job that temporary needs a higher access granted. The setup is one user and a big temporary access granted for one week then another user is takeing over that duty role and the other one is demoted. My closest solution is to have a php site as checkin and a service account adding users to the Accessgroup in AD and have PS importing that group every 15-30 min. What are your thoughts about this? Thanks Tony in Sweden