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  1. Slack Notifications via Web Hooks.

    +1 Slack or HipChat integrations would be great! Just because you haven't had many requests for it doesn't mean it wouldn't be useful having Slack / HipChat notifications would be useful to have for tasks such as password resets etc! Email notifications aren't always convenient and easily get missed. Webhooks themselves are easily enough to implement you can usually achieve them with a few lines of code within a webapp (Curl methods does this beautifully)
  2. Add US or UK Download Mirror

    Hi, Glad to hear! Keep up all the good work you guys are doing I look forward to v8
  3. Create Passwordstate Mobile Apps

    Hi, Requesting the addition of mobile apps to access passwords on the go, much like apps such as "Keeper" a similar service to Passwordstate. I just feel it would be a useful addition that would nicely supplement the full web interface.
  4. I understand that currently you have a mobile view that does work well, however in today's day and age it would be nice to have mobile apps available to make gaining access to systems as easy as possible regardless of the platform being used. The company I work for uses a variety of devices including a number of tablets and company mobiles etc.
  5. Add US or UK Download Mirror Currently I notice that the only mirror you have available is in Australia, this makes downloads here in the UK really slow. The download of a new available update is actually the longest step of upgrading the Passwordstate software! If you could add an additional mirror in the US or UK then that would be great.
  6. Enable Multiple Hosts to be Added to a Password Entry Having the ability to assign multiple hosts to a password entry to be reset would greatly simplify the process especially when it's an requirement to ensure Passwords are kept the same across multiple hosts. Because of the lack of the above mentioned functionality my company can't make full use of the password reset functionality to the extent that we would like.