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  1. Thanks for the response. Yes, I believe you've misunderstood, as it appears haven't answered my question. I understand I can use TOTP to secure my logon to Passwordstate - that's not my question. Within Passwordstate, the logon/password details it holds for logon to other systems, can Passwordstate also generate the TOTP toekn I need when I would logon to other systems with 2FA active. You mention above using software apps to generate TOTP, so I assume you mean that Passwordstate cannot generate them. Thanks, I'll look at apps like 1Password that do, so that I have all logon requirements within one app.
  2. Does Passwordstate support the functionality for producing TOTP tokens on logon records? Eg. If I have 2FA active on AWS, then Password state will give me all 3 of the username, password and TOTP token for me to logon.
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