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  1. Hi Team,


    Have upgraded our Passwordstate instance from v7x.x to V8.1 (Build 8114) sometimes ago.

    What should I do to switch PS<->AD LDAP comms to SSL and what you would recommend to verify that it is actually working? What is recommended best practice in terms of selecting a cert for it - signed by AD or 3d party or something else?



  2. Hi,


    Just wonder if anybody else experienced issue with licensed users were not able to log in to Passwordstate when AD sync is in place and there is an enxtra user(s) to be synced from AD.

    E.g. N users licensed already, you adding N+1 to AD, then nobody can log in and Licence count in Passwordstate shows "-1"

    According to Clickstudios, it is an expected behaviour  and a part of licence protection mechanism.


    But why other N people should suffer? isn't it an example of faulty logic?

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