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  1. This is a feature request for the Password Reset portal. Allow HTML for the Password Expiry Reminder Template, just like it is possible for the Verification Policy mails. Maybe also allow HTML for the Error Customizations so that we can include a clickable email address. Thank you
  2. I downloaded the client from the 64-bit link on the page that was shown: https://download.microsoft.com/download/B/E/D/BED73AAC-3C8A-43F5-AF4F-EB4FEA6C8F3A/1033/amd64/sqlncli.msi But if I'm the only one, maybe there is no need to investigate as it was resolved after a reboot. Regards
  3. OK, thank you for this clarification
  4. In version 7, it was possible to select the Password Generator Policy to use in the Top bar. Which Password Generator Policy is used in version 8 for the Top bar button? Is the default configurable? And can it still be changed on the fly as in version 7?
  5. Just wanted to let you know about a small issue we encountered while upgrading from version 7 to version 8. Before upgrading, I installed the newer version of the SQL Server Native Client, as mentioned in the announcement. But during the upgrade Step 2 could not be started because : "It appears you do not have the SQL Server Native Client installed, which is a required component for Passwordstate 8." After rebooting the server, Step 2 started as expected and the upgrade finished successfully. So it
  6. The Security Administrators Manual mentions following setting under System Settings -> Password List option: "Allow Security Administrators to convert Private Password Lists to Shared ones" But this setting seems to be missing. I'm using build 7830 Additionally, I would like to know if and how it is possible to prevent users from converting their Private Password List into a Shared one. Thank you
  7. Hi, Is it normal that the setting "When a new Shared Password List is created, apply the following permission to the user who created the list: List Administrator" is ignored when the containing folder is configured as 'Propagate Permissions'? Thank you
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