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  1. Worked a treat. Thanks a lot. $Title = Read-Host 'Title new srv account' $UpdatedTitle=$Title.Replace('\','\\')
  2. Hi, I have a powershell script that we use for creating new accounts in AD and adding the password to PasswordState. It works OK, but I get an error if someone includes a \ in the title. Example code $jsonData = ' { "PasswordListID":"278", "Title":"'+ $($Title) +'", "UserName":"'+$($username)+'", "Description":"'+$($purpose)+'", "HeartbeatEnabled":true, "ValidationScriptID":"7", "generatepassword":true, "AccountTypeID":"65", "ADDomainNetBIOS":"test", "HeartbeatSchedule":"'+$($date)+'" }' $PasswordstateUrl
  3. Perfect. Thanks a lot :-)
  4. Hi, Is there a way to delete the audit logs after X days? We have users who are based in Germany where there are strict rules about how long data can be kept. https://www.bluecoat.com/resources/cloud-governance-data-residency-sovereignty/germany-data-privacy-laws Some of our users have reacted over that we keep the audit events in the system for longer than 90 days. Best regards, Johhny
  5. Hi, That will work for me. A nice little scripting job for a Friday afternoon :-) Thanks :-)
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