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  1. Data Retention

    Perfect. Thanks a lot :-)
  2. Data Retention

    Hi, Is there a way to delete the audit logs after X days? We have users who are based in Germany where there are strict rules about how long data can be kept. https://www.bluecoat.com/resources/cloud-governance-data-residency-sovereignty/germany-data-privacy-laws Some of our users have reacted over that we keep the audit events in the system for longer than 90 days. Best regards, Johhny
  3. Support for Azure Authenticator

    Hi, Initial testing is positive here :-) Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 I setup the one time password as instructed. Logged out and then was prompted for the 6 digit code. Entered the code and got access to PasswordState. Then I setup a new Password List, and specified that it should use the one-time password option. That worked too. Finally I changed the authentication back to AD Passthrough, and left the PasswordList as OneTime password. This lets me into the application, but requires 2FA when accessing certain PasswordLists. Perfect. I will get some colleagues to check this with other phones next week. It's Autumn holiday here. Best regards, Johhny
  4. Bulk update email addresses

    Hi, That will work for me. A nice little scripting job for a Friday afternoon :-) Thanks :-)
  5. Hi, Are there any plans to support the Azure Authenticator app? https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/multi-factor-authentication/ We are already using it for MFA into Azure, and would like to use the same MFA method to authenticate into Password state. Best regards, Johnny