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  1. Copy URL?

    Hi Jan, thanks for that, that speeds things up the lazy me would still love to have an option to copy
  2. Copy URL?

    hi, the two ways i can see it working 1) add to the options dropdown menu to copy the url 2) add an option to the password list to show/hide the normal "copy" icon next to the url icon for me i prefer option 2, something like the mockup below
  3. Copy URL?

    we are using the url field and it's shown as an icon coping the link we get java code in it ie. javascript: MM_openBrWindow(''); as the same time we don't want to turn off the current functionality of the browse button we we have externally accessible resource save where this works well for us
  4. Copy URL?

    my intent is to copy url for a firewall, switch, printer etc and past it into a browser window inside an already open RDC window, as the client networks are remote with no direct IP connectivity to the device we need to manage
  5. Copy URL?

    Hi Is is possible to add an extra button next to the URL button to copy the URL? as an msp we use the URL field to save the ip + port of devices we support inside a client network so we need to copy and past the url's into our remote sessions thanks, Daniel
  6. Hi Guys, This might be a bit outside the scope of passwordstate and more a pure IIS question. We would like to limit external access to our password state server to only “known and allowed devices” Our current setup is an AD authenticated passwordstate server running internally and we wanted a secure way to provide access externally, and vpn seems way over the top, so the thought process was to have the passwordstate proxy/mobile client installed in a DMZ and use certificate mapping to limit access to only devices that we install a client cert on. So the questions part of the post Is this a supported design/situation? Has anyone tried it before? Is there any documentation to help us along the way? Kind Regards, Daniel