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  1. GregSmid

    Password Extension: Fill on click instead of auto fill

    As a work-around while the new browser plugins are being developed, I've taken to simply duplicating the password entries in PasswordState for those pages where auto-fill is a problem. That way the PS browser plugin sees multiple entries and turns yellow waiting for you to choose one, instead of just filling in the form. Greg
  2. Hey all, anyone seen this behavior in the browser plugin before? Occasionally I get two drop-down boxes in the 'multiple logins found' window. It seems to happen only for a couple of specific sites, but not every time for those sites; even when using the exact same URL, sometimes I'll get two drop-downs and sometimes I'll only get one (like it should be). I've obfuscated the usernames in the screenshot, but you can see that they start and end differently. Sometimes the order is reversed; the credential that you see on the left in the screenshot will be in the right, and vice versa. The dropdown lists don't have the same contents... the entries in one will be a sub-set of the entries in the other. When I click Apply, it will choose whatever entry is chosen in the left drop-down box (which may or may not contain all the matching entries, if it's the one with the subset). I use Firefox primarily, and have only seen this in Firefox. I've tried to duplicate in Chrome but haven't been able to.... but since it only happens sometimes in FF, hard to say if it would ever happen in Chrome or not. Greg
  3. GregSmid

    Password Extension: Fill on click instead of auto fill

    Hey guys, The vast majority of our saved passwords were not created with the Browser Extension, so they mostly don't have anything filled out on the Browser Form Fields tab. I'd be willing to do some testing with getting those filled out and changing the 'Attempt to fill web sites...' setting if I could change that setting at the user level, but I can't just turn it off at the system level since it'll affect the way the product works for our entire user base.
  4. GregSmid

    Password Extension: Fill on click instead of auto fill

    Hey all, I happened across a good example of an undesired auto-fill today. This is the settings page for our Barracuda email device, which has fields to set the address of the outbound SMTP host and username/password fields for the Barracuda to authenticate with that SMTP host. The PasswordState plugin sees those username and password fields, and fills them in with the credentials I have saved to log into the Barracuda web GUI... which of course is not what should be in those boxes. Having an option to only fill a page after clicking the PS plugin icon would solve this situation.
  5. GregSmid

    Password Extension: Fill on click instead of auto fill

    +1 to Frank's suggestion. There are lots of times where the browser extension fills in forms that I don't want it to fill in. A common example is when looking at the 'settings' page in a device's web gui... there might be fields to enter a new password and fields to enter a notification email address along with other configurable device settings. The browser extension will often try and fill those password and email address fields, even though I don't want it to. I've taken to opening those pages up in IE to avoid the issue.
  6. Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that this is working properly for me now. Not exactly sure which update or when, but I was able to launch and log into an iDRAC console today. Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, In the last month or so I've been finding that the Firefox browser plugin can't fill in the login forms of some websites when it has multiple matches to choose from. It does recognize that there are multiple matches, but there's no dropdown box in the dialog box that would normally let me choose one. So far this only seems to happen for a few sites, although I'm starting to see it more and more, including sites that I know used to work. I also haven't had this problem in the Chrome plugin, but it's possible that it just hasn't started happening yet. I use FF as my primary browser so if something is going to go wrong, it'll probably be in FF. I've tried uninstalling the plugin, restarting FF, and then re-installing, but no change. Are there any caches/DBs/etc. that would persist through an uninstall/reinstall of the plugin? Here's an example of a site where I'm having this problem, you might recognize it. ;o) Greg
  8. GregSmid

    Browser plugin URL matching

    Ah, well that's interesting. I primarily use Firefox, and that's the browser I've been having issues with. I did some testing with Chrome, and it fills in the username and password no problem. A couple of examples: https://prtg.f12.net https://my.vmware.com I'll keep trying them out with Chrome as I come across them. Thanks!
  9. GregSmid

    Browser plugin URL matching

    Thanks guys, Just to clarify then - if you're matching on the base URL and I have a password with the URL saved as https://domain.com.... it should match https://domain.com/login.html but not https://www.domain.com/ or https://www.domain.com/login.html. Is that correct? I have a few picky sites and I'm trying to find the best way to save the URL. Greg
  10. GregSmid

    Browser plugin URL matching

    Hi all, I'm wondering how the URL matching for the plugin works. If a password is saved with a URL of http://www.domain.com, should the plugin be smart enough to fill in the login info to http://www.domain.com/login.html? What about https://www.domain.com? Can we use wildcards to help it out? It seems like it'll fill in non-exact matches for some sites, but not others... I haven't been able to find any real patterns yet. Thanks! Greg
  11. Haha sorry, one more reply... I keep forgetting to subscribe to the thread. BTW is there a way to do that without ticking the 'Notify' box in the reply box?
  12. Thanks gang, appreciate it! Good luck on the Web Extension version... FF 57 isn't far off...
  13. Bah, didn't notice I wasn't signed in. This is me. ^
  14. Thanks team, always awesome to see responsiveness to customer requests!
  15. I'm certainly willing to give the new global search a shot! I did a few tests with it this morning and was able to find what I was looking for pretty reliably. I'll keep on using it and post back here with any more feedback as I have it. For the record though, my vote is still to bring back the Search box in the Folder view... if nothing else, it's one more way to help find what you're looking for. Maybe the global search will work better for some, and the folder search better for others. Thanks for the quick reply! Greg