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  1. Hi guys, Max's reply reminded me that I never did respond to your last post about Uptime Robot. I checked both of my password entries for the site, and the URL for both entries was listed as "https://uptimerobot.com/login". I've just changed them both to "https://uptimerobot.com" like in your screenshot, logged out and back into Passwordstate and the plugin and tried again.... and no prompt to save this time! This does kind of make sense, since the page where I was getting the prompt to save was "https://uptimerobot.com", which does not match "https://uptime
  2. Hey guys, I recorded a quick video to show you what I'm seeing. Both recent browser versions, FF 83 and Chrome 87, but it's been like this through all the browser versions going back a year or more. I even tried a private tab in FF just to see if it was some weird cookie/cache thing, but same behavior there. https://gsmid-f12.tinytake.com/tt/NDkzNzQwOV8xNTU1NTExOQ Greg
  3. Hi guys, found an example of an external site that prompts me to save creds even though they're already saved in PasswordState (and in fact I used the PS browser plugin to log in). https://uptimerobot.com URL as saved in PS: https://uptimerobot.com/login Browser Form Field Username: userEmail Browser Form Field Password: userPassword
  4. I don't think I have any examples handy, mostly it seems to be our internal sites/tools that will prompt to save a password even though there's already one saved. I'll keep an eye out for any externally accessible examples and share them if I come across them though!
  5. Another +1 for me, relating to Fabian's last comment. There should be two different functions for: - Stop auto-filling passwords on this page - Stop asking to save the password on this page There are lots of pages where I DO want PasswordState to fill the username/password fields but I DON'T want it to ask me to save the password every time.
  6. Hi, I figured it out! The issue was that although I had multiple 'linked' addresses attached to the password entry, I didn't actually have any URL in the main password entry (since it's just my Active Directory creds, there isn't actually a 'main' URL associated with them). I've added a dummy URL on the main password page, and now all the linked URLs are working.
  7. Hi, I've started trying to use the "Link Account to Multiple Web Site URLs" function, but the browser plugin doesn't seem to be detecting the linked sites in either Firefox or Chrome for me. Here are the linked sites for this password entry, including the site I'm testing with for this post (https://prtg.f12.net): But when I browse to the site in either FF or Chrome, the plugin doesn't show any matching sites: I've tried this with several different sites and none of them are being detected by the plugin. Plugin build 8935, PasswordState v8.9
  8. I figured out the problem here - I usually access passwords from the Passwords Home 'list' and then just search for what I need in the main window area... but the action dropdown for a password entry doesn't have the "Link account to multiple..." in that view. If I select the actual password list on the left hand side and then drop the action arrow down for the very same password entry, then it does have that option. Greg
  9. Ah, yes you're right... the one entry I happened to click on to check did not have the URL field selected. This will definitely help, thanks for the heads-up! Greg
  10. That looks like it would probably help, but I don't have that option in my dropdown menu for a password entry yet. What build is that? We're on 8.9 8903 right now.
  11. Quick update - while I unfortunately still don't have any public examples, I found out today that I can replicate the issue on a different Nimble management web GUI page, from a different computer than the one I usually use. So, this isn't some weird quirk with my specific computer or browsers. So strange! Greg
  12. Not sure, what triggered the change, but after a week or so of behaving on this Nimble management page... it's back! I took a little screen capture video for you - https://ttprivatenew.s3.amazonaws.com/pulse/gsmid-f12/attachments/13222257/TinyTake21-04-2020-09-19-38.mp4 I wish I had an example of a public facing page I could point you at so you could see it in action, but so far it's just this one internal page. Greg
  13. It was definitely the PS plugin filling in the fields... if I disabled the plugin, they no longer get filled, and I tested changing the username recorded in PS entry from 'admin' to 'testing-changetoadmin' and the fields started filling in with the new test username. It was very persistent too... even if I cleared the box and tred and type something else in, it would re-fill the box within a couple seconds, over-writing what I typed. Unfortunately I don't have any examples of a public website with the same behavior... so far it's just been on this Nimble SAN management web GUI page
  14. Hey guys, I'm having trouble with the browser extension in Chrome and Firefox filling in a field that it shouldn't be filling. I don't use the extension with any other browsers, so it could affect others as well. I've verified that it is definitely PasswordState filling the box by changing the Username stored in the password entry and seeing that the form is getting filled with the new value. The form field name doesn't match what's saved in PasswordState, and in my browser extension preferences, I've left "Enable Autofill" unchecked, so it shouldn't be filling anything in aut
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