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  1. When opening/editing passwords, we often have to open them to view other fields. It would be helpful from efficiency point of view to be able to use ESC key to close that window, instead of clicking Cancel.
  2. @support, please confirm if its OK for me to cross post a link to this feature request under General, as to get more attention to it? If you can suggest other ways we can expose this request, it would be great.
  3. Hi @support, I understand the concern, without this however, the whole concept of Account types serves little purpose, especially for Managed Service /IT Providers.
  4. Can we please add the following to Account types (under Admin > Images and Accoutn Types), ability to: - customise fields like in Password List Templates (being able to add/remove fields) - enforce consistent titles (by grouping two or three fields from the same record), similar to what's done in hosts For service providers, who have their Password structure setup as Clients \ Client Name \ Physical location \ [2-5 folders to group various account types such as external logins, internal logins, servers, remote access]. So if we want to be able to record acc
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