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  1. Hi, We'd like to promote use of Password state for our clients and ultimately allow for some of clients records and kept in sync with our copy of their records. Could you please confirm if this is currently possible and if not, if its something you'd consider adding? Cheers, Max
  2. Hi, is this still on track for v8 and if so do you know an ETA on v8?
  3. Hi, do you know if this is far away?
  4. Hi, Would it be possible to support of Escape (ESC) key to close any open password record windows, currently user needs to click on Cancel or OK. Suggestion for ESC to be mapped to Cancel button. Cheers, Max
  5. Hi Support, any luck in investigating this further?
  6. We find that standard fields order (when you view a record) is not logical so would like to have username and password fields to be ordered next to each other (at the moment they are at complete ends to each other), however this may not apply to all users so I'd like to suggest you allow for the order to be selected under Password List Templates where you can select which fields are to be displayed or not, it's to have an order selection configuration.