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  1. Thanks for the response. Filling in the Database Instance field did solve this particular issue.


    I'm still struggling to get this script to work properly, however.


    I noticed that it requires a privileged account credential in order to run. While the script requires that it is passed a privileged credential from Passwordstate when it is run, a privileged credential is not necessary to update the password for the account on the database. The user account contained in the record I'm trying to do the password reset on is perfectly capable of doing an 'alter user user identified by password' and updating it's own password. It seems preferable to me that you would use a user account to change its own password, rather than having a separate account with a static password to change it. There doesn't seem to be  a way to do this using the inbuilt script, though. If you set the privileged account credential to be the same as the password record you are trying to change, the password isn't changed when the reset script runs, even though the script reports that the password was changed. And I'm not sure how you can apply a different privileged account credential to the password record of the user whose password you want reset.


    I guess I'm not understanding the correct usage of the privileged account credential. I could modify the inbuilt script so that it doesn't use a privileged credential, but I figure it was written that way for a reason, and I would like to understand how it was intended to work.


    Could someone explain the correct/intended usage of the privileged account credential when it comes to resetting user passwords on Oracle?


    Sorry, I know my explanation was a little muddy. Please ask any clarifying questions necessary.

  2. Hello everyone,


    I'm wondering about the intended behavior of the "Validate Password for Oracle Account" script. The script requires that it receive a $ServiceName variable to connect to the database, but there doesn't seem to be any part of the password entry that allows it to receive this information. Is there a field I need to enable somewhere to get this to work? I could work around this issue by copying the inbuilt script for verifying oracle account passwords and hardcoding the service name, but I feel like I'm missing something.


    Thanks for any insight

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