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  1. Add attachments to accounts

    Got it! Thanks :-) Would be useful to have a documents tab inside the Edit account popup as well though.
  2. Add attachments to accounts

    I can upload a document to a password list, but I cannot find this feature inside a password record. Where can you upload a document against a password record? (build 7763)
  3. Hi, We would like to add attachments to several accounts. For example certificates along with their keys. Can this be implemented? Thank you
  4. Hi, Can the Backups and In-Place Upgrades Account be linked to an account in a passwordlist (without the need to enter a password). Now backups fail everytime the backup account expires. Thank You
  5. Could a reset script be made for the service account of MS Exchange DAGs (2010/2013)?
  6. Store attachments

    Would it be possible in a next build to store attachments (encrypted) with the password? This would come in handy for example to store private key files, certificates, ...
  7. Is it possible to create a script for Microsoft clusters? - Bring a cluster node in maintenance mode - Reset password on the service account - Bring cluster node up again - Bring second cluster node in maintenance mode - ...
  8. The passwords on SQL service accounts can be reset without restarting the service. Is it possible to add a script for this? There's also a procedure for always on SQL clusters. Would be cool to have these scripts.