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  1. Hi Support, I found the answer: I was missing the -UseDefaultCredentials in the Invoke-Restmethod command. Thanks... Scott
  2. Hi Support, I've converted to using WinAPI and have disabled API. Is it possible to provide the same capability using 'winAPI'? I've tried it using the following code (signed-in as myself), but get the error [ Invoke-Restmethod : You do not have permission to view this directory or page ] : ------------------------------------- $PasswordstateUrl = 'https://my.url' # Define values for the Password List in below array $Body = @{ PasswordList = "Test_Private_PasswordList" Description = "This short description is for my Test Password List" NestUnderFolderID = "0" Guide = "" ImageFileName = "" AllowExport = "True" PrivatePasswordList = "true" PreventBadPasswordUse = "true" ApplyPermissionsForUserID = "myDomain/myUserId" Permission = "A" } # Convert Array to Json $jsonData = $Body | ConvertTo-Json # Execute the command $FullUrl = "$PasswordstateUrl/winapi/passwordlists" $result = Invoke-Restmethod -Method Post -Uri $FullUrl -ContentType "application/json; charset=utf-8" -Body $jsonData Write-Host "Created PasswordListId [$result.PasswordListID]" ------------------------------------- I'm assuming it is possible through WinAPI and I simply don't have the syntax correct. Can you confirm this is possibly through WinAPI, and provide me with the correct syntax. Thanks... Scott
  3. Hi All, I found a post that mentions how to prevent Chrome from automatically updating a specific extension. It is a little bit of a hack, but would allow you to control WHEN that extension gets upgraded. The solution is to download the desired extension, unzip it and then open the file call "manifest.json". Modify the "update_url" entry to a bogus URL (https://localhost e.g.). Finally manually install the extension by going to "chrome://extensions" (and pointing to the location where your modified version resides). I have followed these steps to install an older version of the PasswordState extension (I found on https://crx.dam.io/) and got Chrome to work with PasswordState version 8765. Hope this helps someone else. Thanks... Scott
  4. The issue of the Build Number being hard-coded to a particular version of PasswordState is frustrating. Unfortunately for me, we have a change-management process (that includes rigorous testing) that takes about 3 months to get any new versions into Production. I just upgraded to 8765 last week! Is there any reason why the Chrome plug-in (extension) itself can't be developed in such a way that it is backwards compatible to support previous version of PasswordState ? Then it wouldn't matter if Google automatically pushes the extension updates automatically or not. p.s. I thought I had read something that mentioned that the plug-in dependency to a particular version of PasswordState was being removed, I must have misinterpreted it. Thanks... Scott
  5. Hi, As an interim solution (until we can upgrade) I'm OK with getting the warning, and have to accept it. Please email me the details. Thanks... Scott
  6. Hi, We also recently upgraded to 8556, and are having issues with the Browser Extensions for IE , Firefox and Chrome. We have users that have downloaded the latest extension, and are now not able to use the plugin. Unfortunately our Change Management process does not afford us to quickly upgrade to 8573 - it will take us at least 3 months to turn-around. Is it possible to get a copy of the -1 version of these Browser Extensions (one that works with 8556), so that I can get these workstation working again? Thanks... Scott
  7. We've recently upgraded to 8.5 (from 7.6) and I have a user that leverages and extensive amount of Folder. When they click on a Folder, they are presented with the following: They would like to suppress the displaying of the "Folder Properties' and 'External Links' blocks. They use the 'Search Passwords in Folder' and would like to extend / stretch the block containing the results - to make them more presentable (some values are quite long). Is it possible to either suppress these blocks, or rearrange the blocks so they are underneath the base Folder block? Thanks... Scott
  8. We recently upgraded to version 8556 (from 7.6) and when attempting to assign the Account-Type on a new password account the custom Account-Types are not showing in the drop-down. I've attached a pdf that contains snapshots supporting this error. I was able to find a couple of workarounds, but would like to know if there is an 'official' solution on how this should be handled? Workaround #1 - When in the Add New Password form, deselect both the 'Enabled for Resets' and 'Enabled for Heartbeat' options next to Managed Account. When this is done, the custom Account-Types are displayed in the drop-down. Workaround #2 - Modify the Password List Template to deselect the 'Enable Password Reset - allows password resetting with other systems'. When this is done the Managed Account line including ‘Enabled for Resets’ and ‘Enabled for Heartbeat’ no longer shows up in the Add New Password form, and the custom Account-Types are displayed in the drop-down. Thanks... Scott Upgrade_SnapshotsShowingCustomAccountType.pdf
  9. Hi, I downloaded and ran build 8556 in our lab environment, and it resolved the upgrade issue. Thank you for all your help. Thanks... Scott
  10. Unfortunately, as you've experienced with other customers, providing a copy of our database is not an option (even with a NDA). Here are a couple of possible options: 1) Is this something that could be facilitated via a WebEx (or something similar), where your team could access our environment, add the debugging code and execute? In spite of the time difference, I would make myself available 2) As an alternative, provide me with source code with Debugging enabled and I can run it, then provide you with the results. Let me know if either of these would work, or suggest another alternative. p.s. I'm on vacation next week (Dec 10-14), so whatever is decided will have to be executed the week of Dec 17-21 Thanks... Scott
  11. Hi Support, I now have an environment that is a replica of production. I attempted the -upgrade- and it failed in the identical spot: 2018-12-05 11:50:42 AM - Build 7721 - Step 2 Completed Successfully. 2018-12-05 11:50:46 AM - Build Process 'Build_7721_CopyPassword()' failed with the following error - Thread+was+being+aborted. ::: +++at+System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()%0d%0a+++at+System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object+stateInfo)%0d%0a+++at+System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Common.AddDebugInfoData(String+Category%2c+String+DebugInformation%2c+String+EventType)%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Audit.AddAuditing(String+strActivity%2c+String+strDescription%2c+Int32+intPasswordListID%2c+Int32+intPasswordID)%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7721_CopyPassword(String+PasswordID%2c+String+HostID%2c+String+ScriptID%2c+Boolean+ResetStatus%2c+DateTime+LastResetDate%2c+Boolean+AuditRecordFound%2c+String+HostName%2c+String+UserName) 2018-12-05 11:50:46 AM - Build Process 'Build_7721_UpdateNonActiveDirectoryAccounts()' failed with the following error - Thread+was+being+aborted. ::: +++at+System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()%0d%0a+++at+System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object+stateInfo)%0d%0a+++at+System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7721_CopyPassword(String+PasswordID%2c+String+HostID%2c+String+ScriptID%2c+Boolean+ResetStatus%2c+DateTime+LastResetDate%2c+Boolean+AuditRecordFound%2c+String+HostName%2c+String+UserName)%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7721_UpdateNonActiveDirectoryAccounts() 2018-12-05 11:50:46 AM - Build Process 'Build_7721_Updates' failed with the following error - Thread+was+being+aborted. ::: +++at+System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()%0d%0a+++at+System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object+stateInfo)%0d%0a+++at+System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7721_UpdateNonActiveDirectoryAccounts()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7721_Updates() What are the next steps to determine the cause? p.s I can restore the Application and Database at will, so further debugging can be performed if necessary. Thank... Scott
  12. First to answer the comment from 'Buckit', yes we did test the upgrade in our lab but we did not have a true replica of the production setup (for the lab we had both the Application and DB on the same server. and in production these are on different servers), and we did not have a production copy of the data. I'm now creating a replica of our production setup (both on virtual-servers). We've restored the production database into the Database_labvn. We also cloned the production Application server into a Application_labvm and modified the web.config to point to the Database_labvm. On the Application_labvm, is there a file where I can modify the URL (https://hostname:9119) so that it points to the Application_labvm and not production (example https://Application_labvm:9119)? Thanks... Scott
  13. Thanks for the quick reply - we successfully backed out as we don't have AV on this server. What are our next steps, to identify the issue? Is there anything I could provide that would help? FYI - I took a backup of the database (in case it can provide some insight) along with a backup of the inetpub\passwordstate. I will likely set-up a lab-environment to replicate production tomorrow (as it is 11:50pm local time). Thanks... Scott
  14. HI, I'm attempting to upgrade to version 8 from 7.6 and I got the following: 2018-11-26 10:20:12 PM - Preparing for upgrade has completed successfully. 2018-11-26 10:38:36 PM - Build 7668 Upgrade Started. 2018-11-26 10:38:36 PM - Build 7668- Step 1 Completed Successfully. 2018-11-26 10:38:36 PM - Build 7668 - Step 2 Completed Successfully. 2018-11-26 10:38:36 PM - Build 7668 - Step 3 Completed Successfully. 2018-11-26 10:38:36 PM - Build 7668 completed successfully. 2018-11-26 10:38:37 PM - Build 7676 Upgrade Started. 2018-11-26 10:38:37 PM - Build 7676 - Step 1 Completed Successfully. 2018-11-26 10:38:37 PM - Build 7676 completed successfully. 2018-11-26 10:38:38 PM - Build 7721 Upgrade Started. 2018-11-26 10:38:38 PM - Build 7721- Step 1 Completed Successfully. 2018-11-26 10:38:39 PM - Build 7721 - Step 2 Completed Successfully. 2018-11-26 10:38:47 PM - Build Process 'Build_7721_CopyPassword()' failed with the following error - Thread+was+being+aborted. ::: +++at+System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()%0d%0a+++at+System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object+stateInfo)%0d%0a+++at+System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Common.AddDebugInfoData(String+Category%2c+String+DebugInformation%2c+String+EventType)%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Audit.AddAuditing(String+strActivity%2c+String+strDescription%2c+Int32+intPasswordListID%2c+Int32+intPasswordID)%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7721_CopyPassword(String+PasswordID%2c+String+HostID%2c+String+ScriptID%2c+Boolean+ResetStatus%2c+DateTime+LastResetDate%2c+Boolean+AuditRecordFound%2c+String+HostName%2c+String+UserName) 2018-11-26 10:38:47 PM - Build Process 'Build_7721_UpdateNonActiveDirectoryAccounts()' failed with the following error - Thread+was+being+aborted. ::: +++at+System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()%0d%0a+++at+System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object+stateInfo)%0d%0a+++at+System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7721_CopyPassword(String+PasswordID%2c+String+HostID%2c+String+ScriptID%2c+Boolean+ResetStatus%2c+DateTime+LastResetDate%2c+Boolean+AuditRecordFound%2c+String+HostName%2c+String+UserName)%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7721_UpdateNonActiveDirectoryAccounts() 2018-11-26 10:38:47 PM - Build Process 'Build_7721_Updates' failed with the following error - Thread+was+being+aborted. ::: +++at+System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()%0d%0a+++at+System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object+stateInfo)%0d%0a+++at+System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7721_UpdateNonActiveDirectoryAccounts()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_7721_Updates() Hoping you can help immediately, before I have to back out. Is there an easy fix/quick fix for this? Thanks. ... Scot
  15. Hi, I appreciated the 'quick' reply but your answer does not make sense to me, at least not in the situation I provided. The DATABASE is 'down' so there is no way the information being presented comes from the database. Here is a snapshot of the screen that I am referring to: On this error page it has an embedded link 'Passwordstate Web Site' (which has a URL reference) - as the database is 'down' I'm assuming this must be coming from a property-file or somewhere else on the file-system. Can you verify where this is sourced? p.s. I'm not necessarily looking for a solution that is dynamic, I'm OK with making manual modifications. Thanks... Scott
  16. Hi, I'm in the process of upgrading to 8.4 (from 7.6), and would like to take this opportunity to enhance the standard error-pages to include a link to our HA server when our main-server is inoperable (especially for 'Database Connectivity Error'). We currently have an Active-Passive setup for HA. I opened the /passwordstate/error/dbconnectivity.aspx file - thinking this is a likely place to add the reference, but it contains "This is a marker file generated by the precompilation tool, and should not be deleted!". Is it possible to modify the standard error pages? If so, what are the steps to do so? If not, is there another way that the link to the HA server can be provided via PasswordState? Thanks... Scott
  17. Hi, In the version I have installed (v7.6) I have the System Setting option called "Enable the 'Toggle Visibility of Web API IDs' menu for Password List Administrators only", and currently have it set to YES. The problem I have is that ONLY users with 'Administrator' access can see it. I would like to grant users with 'Modify' access to be able to see it too [ I would like to give these users access without having to elevate their privileges to 'Administrator'').
  18. I don't understand why the displaying of these columns can NOT be controlled by the User. If someone choose not to display the columns on a PasswordList, it should not prevent the system from functioning properly. Is this something that could be implemented in a future release?
  19. I've removed some columns from being displayed (via Screen Options), and then was able to resize columns. I could have up to 10 columns, which still allowed you to adjust the columns slightly (it appears there is a -default- minimum size that gets applied that prevents a column from being sized smaller than 'X') This is one step closer to a solution. There are four columns (actually five, but 'Action' is mandatory) that automatically appear in the Password List: 'Password Last Updated', 'Heartbeat', 'Managed' and 'Tasks'. These are not listed under 'Screen Options' - is there a way to prevent these from being displayed (either by User or Globally)? If these can be removed it would allow a user to select more relevant columns.
  20. Sorry for taking so long to respond - was working on a massive production implementation (while also doing a SANS Certification). Things are slowing down, so I have some cycles to look at lower priority stuff again. There are 11 columns visible in the PasswordLists, and the screen resolution is 1366 X 768. If you need anything further, just let me know.
  21. In our organization we have a Production Control team that has close to 100 PasswordLists, and they have been automating their processes to use PasswordState's API to retrieve account passwords. The challenge tis team faces is remembering the APIKey associated to each PasswordList. Due to the power the APIkeys provide they do not want to store a list outside of PasswordState. Is there a way within the UI to query for a specific APIKey or PasswordListID? If not, how would I convert the binary-value of the APIKey via a sql-query?
  22. Here are the replies to your questions: Q: Does this happen for all columns, or only certain columns - I'm assuming all? A: Yes this happens for all columns Q: If you start Chrome in incognito mode, does it still happen? A: Yes this happens in incognito mode too Q: Does deleting records from GridSettings related to my account help? A: There were records in GridSettings and after deleting them and restarting the browser, there was no difference.
  23. I got 6 other people to try Resizing, and they are all experiencing the same issue. In your testing facilities, do you have the ability to replicate our configuration? WE have a three PasswordList Templates defined - "Standard Settings", "Production Lists" , and "Enhanced Security". Under the User Account Policy we have defined a "Standard Policy" and within it assigned the "Standard Settings" to the " When creating new Shared Password Lists " and "When creating new Private Password Lists" properties (under the policy_list_options tab). The Standard Policy gets applied to all users. When you create a new PasswordList, you must choose from one of these three available PasswordList Templates. Looking forward to getting a workable solution for this issue.
  24. I've tried this on the following 3 browsers, which all exhibited the same behavior - Chrome (version 52.0.2743.116 m) , Firefox (version 45.3.0) and Internet Explorer (version 11.0.9600.18426). I am running a workstation with Windows 7 Enterprise - Service Pack 1. I've opened the Developer Tools and didn't see anything that alerted me to the problem. I am able to successfully resize at the Password Home and Folder screen levels, so I don't think it is a JavaScript error otherwise these wouldn't work either.. It is the actual PasswordLists level that won't resize. Reordering the columns works, it is just the resizing that doesn't work. I click and hold down the left-mouse button, and while dragging it I get the popup that displays Width: ### pixels. However when I release the mouse button nothing happens, everything remains unchanged. There is no need to Save Grid Layout, as nothing changed, I'm puzzled as to why it would work on Password Home and Folders, but not on the actual PasswordLists.
  25. I am currently running PasswordState V7.6 (Build 7646) - and the resizing on passwordlists doesn't appear to be working. The resizing of column on the Password Home work, but if I try to resize any of the actual PasswordLists (private or shared) I can hover-over the column and drag it to make it bigger/smaller but it does nothing. I am able to move columns around, but not resize them. Is this a known issue? Or is there a system setting I possible missconfigured? Any insight would be appreciated.
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