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  1. Hi, Yes, I used the default port of 9119. It doesn't work when i type in https://passwordstate:9119 or https://passwordstate. I get a brief 'waiting for passwordstate on the tab before it switches to blank page. I've created a CNAME record to point the servername to passwordstate. I can't even connect to the page when directly on the server and in IIS and clicking browse. I can telnet \\servername 9119 ok
  2. Hi, I have installed SQL and Passwordstate on a Windows Sevrer 2012 R2 box but when I try to connect fore the first time to https://passwordstate it thinks about connecting/authenticating but then returns a blank page. I have: - ensured all pre-reqs have been next - using SQL mixed-mode authentication - ensured IIS authentication is set to windows authentication only - Added https://passwordstate to the intranet sites and ensured that 'user authentication' is set to 'automatic logon only in intranet zone' - Tried with the FQDN - aspnet_regiis -i does not work in 2012 (I could uninstall/reinstall asp.net 4.5 if required?) Please could you help me with getting Passwordstate setup? Thanks.
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