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  1. Hi, at my monitoring of passwordstate (V8.9 (Build 8951) i catch today current situation. The MSSQL connection cames from normal workload at around 8 MSSQL connections to 93 at peak. After short restart the MSSQL server the connections goes to 25. SELECT DB_NAME(dbid) as DBName, COUNT(dbid) as NumberOfConnections, loginame as LoginName FROM sys.sysprocesses WHERE dbid > 0 GROUP BY dbid, loginame ; So from my side its feel not so pretty. Have anyone some idea or hint? THX Stefan
  2. Hi, ist any options to scheduled export the passwordlist to csv for disaster recovery in a keepass file? THX Stefan
  3. Hi, i have upgrade to Build 7603 and now the scheduled backup works fine. STEFAN
  4. I didn't have another windows server in my environment. All other server systems are linux machine. So i take backup from the HDD on the windows machine automatic. So it is fine to store the backup on the same machine it is no problem. THX for your hint but i must be get the automatic backup get to work. STEFAN
  5. Hi, i will try the ProcMon. The Server ist the same machine (localhost) like the passwordstate is installed.
  6. Hi, can the support give me the scripts that called for the backup? I would be look what the different on the both backup methodes. so i hope to find a hint to fixed the problem. THX
  7. THX for your answer. I didn't say something to the loopback Interface, because without this interface the problem is the same. So my problem have nothing to do with the loopback interface card. So i will also explain somthing to the loopback interface. You can add to a physical networkcard another interface. This is an virtual networkinteface. On a linux machine the card is eth0:1. When you have installed this type it is nothing different to a server system where you installed 2 physical interfaces. When the system have 2 network interface you can setup a public interface with the default gw to connect to the lan or wan and you can also configure the second card to connect to an internal network to connect to some other Server Systems or NAS Storage. The only thing is, that the both interface cards is on a different network. So but my problem is also not fixed with the only one interface. And why did the manual backup work fine and the automatic backup failed? This is the question. So proberly someone have a idea to fixed my problem. STEFAN
  8. Hi, some facts in front - Windows Server 2008r2 German language - MS SQL Express 2008 - Passwordstate 7551 My problem is that the manual backup work fine but the automatic backup doesn't work. I have take some screenshots. My config side looks like: I have input on this screen information to take the screenshot When i tried to test the backup configuration i get an OK: When i start manual the backup process i get: The information for the backup history looks like: So all the manual backup task works fine. All the automatic task failed. I have tried to exclude the database backup but the problem is the same. Have anybody an idea for my problem? THX STEFAN
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