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  1. Hi, Been getting an error when trying to update. End of Central Directory could not be found. - Method = ExtractBuildButton_Click. I found some info on this when googling, which stated to manually download the zip file and then run the update again. However, the download link www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/passwordstate_update.zip just takes me to a 404. Is there another link that works? Or another way of sorting this update problem? Kind regards, Jamie
  2. Hi, Not sure if I should be posting this issue in 'general' or not, so apologies if this is the wrong section of the forum. We don't seem to be able to save website login details to private password lists. Is this and intended limitation of the browser extension? I've had to stop our users from using the extension, as users have been saving their personal logins for company used websites, for example our HR website or PluralSight into our company password lists. Which means that when another user comes to login to one of these websites even on a different computer, they can end up logging into someone else's account. It would be a little annoying and time consuming having to set up personal permissions for everyone, is there no way of the users saving the website login credentials to a personal/private password list? Cheers. Jamie
  3. Hi, We set this up and it was working fine. However we are having issues with connection to some servers. These particular machines have a setting the stops people signing in with credentials that are saved in the remote desktop client. So when first connecting to these servers the remote session launcher worked fine, but after that we now get back the "The servers's authentication policy does not allow connection requests using saved credentials. Please enter new credentials" message. This happens on both windows 7 and windows 10. Is there anything we can do to stop this happening? So passwordstate connects in the same way as the initial connection every time? Kind regards, Jamie