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  1. Hello, We would like to have the functionnality to give "bulk Update Password" rights on password list for modify users, actually only administrators can do this, so we have to give all rights to users... Thanks Support request : id=20190420021108 Regards
  2. Hello, I requested this function on version 7.x but it was not implemented, is there a road map for this, we would like to have the possibility to send a self destruct message from mobile site. Thanks. Regards Cedric
  3. Thanks for your answer it's now working fine. have a good day Cedric.
  4. Hello support, yes an admin can clone the folder, but we are only 3 password state admin, and can't give an admin access for all users (150), so we have a lot of request. please correct this As Soon As possible and take care about this for future release please. Thanks. Cedric
  5. Hi, Some News about this ? it's very Urgent for Us. it's now 2 times there is this issue after an upgrade, could you please insert in your test protocol to check this before publishing the release ? Thanks. Cedric.
  6. Hi, We have an issue since upgrade to 7.8 build 7863, Users who have modify rights on a folder, can't see Folder properties, and can't clone this folder, the error is "It appears you do not have the correct permissions to view this password record or page. Please contact one of your Password List Administrators to investigate why." admin have correct rights. this issue appears on 7863, but was not present, on build 7825. Thanks to resolve IT ASAP.
  7. Hi, I confirm that issue is now corrected. Thanks. Cédric.
  8. Hello, There is no particulary error, it's simply that the modify rights don't authorize users to clone a folder, when we apply Admin right the option is available. please Note this possibility was add on build 7539. Thanks. Cedric.
  9. Hi, we are on 7.5 Build 7539. Thanks for your help
  10. Hello All, I'm Passwordstate Administrator, when I try to move a column (Description for example), i can move it, but after this we can't move another column and when we go on another view, and come back on this view all column are on the initial place. I try with Firefox last version and Chrome last version. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi Support, If I understand with my test, to clone a folder we had to have de Admin permission on this folder, is there a way to add this permission on the "modify" permission, we want to create a "template" folder which users can clone to add new folder with some template password list. Thanks for your help Cedric.
  12. Hi, Strangely, yesterday and today mobile site is stable, maybe some issue with IIS server, for information my password contain the Star caracter "*" Thanks. Cédric.
  13. Hi Support, We are on the last release V7.5 build 7537, I can give all traces you need, juste let me know what do you need. Thanks. Cédric.
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