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  1. Hi, same interest here for translation. French people don't usually speak well foreign languages and having translations would probably help us extend the usage of the product inside our company. Best Regards,
  2. Hi, I was also going to ask this functionnality as I use frequently onetimesecret with occasionnal developpers. Thanks again to the dev team which has done great job improving PasswordState during the last years.
  3. Hi, thanks for having made this setting available again. Best Regards,
  4. Hi and thanks for you reply, I think this functionnality would probably help us unesting our actual password lists. Best Regards,
  5. Hi, We were also using this functionnality of nesting passwords lists mainly for one main reason which is that the icon of the folder can't be changed. In the future, will we have the possibility to do so ? Best Regards,
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