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  1. Hi! We would like to have the option to copy & link entire password list to another folder. Right now we copy & link the individual passwords, but it would be nice to be able to link the entire list at once. Thanks in advance! //Jasper
  2. +1 There is another request for this as well: //Jasper
  3. Hi Parrishk, Instead of creating your own QR code it's probably easier just to rename the entry in the Google Authenticator app. In our case our users found the current title Paswordstate-domain-username quite "ugly". This isn't a big thing of course, but an option in the System Settings would be nice. Thanks for the QR code powershell module. It could be useful one day. /Jasper
  4. In our case we have no legal requirements (yet), but since we are a local governmental organisation, the use of our native language is very important for us as well. Regards, Jasper
  5. Hi! The title of a new entry is right now: Paswordstate-domain-username We would like to have just Passwordstate, would that be possible? //Jasper
  6. Hi! Would it be possible to add an admin setting to set the default title of the Passwordstate entry in Google Authenticator? //Jasper
  7. Hi, This is not actually a feature request, but more a future design/development suggestion. We tried to translate a few of the e-mail templates to our native language, mainly the templates used in the Self Destruct Message portal, since they are being sent to users outside our company. The localization however didn't really work because many variables include text in English. Eg. the variable [ExpirePeriod] results in 3 days. It would be better to have a variable [ExpireDays] that rendered 3, so that the text can be localized. Another one is the: [All Other Selected Fields] variable. It would be better to have variables for just the values, and write the title fields in the message. Alternatively you could add an option to localize the field names under administration. I understand that you can't build a Multi Language version of Passwordstate right away, but it might be a good idea to keep future localization in mind when building future versions of this fantastic product. Kind regards, Jasper Metselaar
  8. Hi! We are trying to automate processes more and more and I wonder if it would be possible for you to create an API for the Global address book? (Our need is primary a way of adding new users, but I guess also removing and updating entries would be useful for us and other customers) And to make it all the way... an api for the self destruct message portal would be nice to have. That would allow us to have our user creation process completely automated. Right now the only manual action we have to do is to go in manually and send the self destruct message. Kind regards, Jasper Metselaar
  9. Hi! If I don't want our the Passwordstate Privileged account to be a domain admin, what are the minimum permissions requirements for these accounts? I tried to find these minimum requirements in the documentation, but didn't find them. Thanks in advance! //Jasper
  10. The screenshot looks really fine. This way, it's possible to run a discovery and than manually add it to the managed accounts. With this option in place, a report to list unmanaged accounts would be a great so that we can follow up and reduce the number of unmanaged accounts. /Jasper
  11. Thanks for your reply. Good to hear that you are planning a feature like this. It's quite common that you want to use discovery without activating automatic password management. Especially when setting up Password State in a larger network environment, you might want a more careful strategy. With systems I meant applications and yes, these are application issues, changing the serviceaccount requires a change in the configuration of the applications. //Jasper
  12. Hi, I am wondering if there is a best practice for this situation: We want to use discovery and automated password management for local admin accounts and resources (service accounts and so on), but unfortunately not all systems can handle automatic password changes. Is there a way to use discovery and manually selecting the accounts that can be managed by the password reset scripts? Thanks in avance, Jasper
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