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  1. We are limited with our upgrade at the moment as we are still running SQL server 2008R2. I have requested that this is upgraded to a new version but we are budget limited. The decision has been made to stay at v7 of PasswordState for now and not install SQL Express to enable an upgrade.
  2. We are planning a migration to a new domain and want to make sure we have everything planned for migrating Passwordstate. The key points Passwordstate is currently using manual AD auth Users groups are based on AD groups We don't currently implement password resets New hosts are identified by Passwordstate using a proxy account in the domain A trust exists between domains User accounts will NOT be migrated, new users exist for all users and desktop profiles will be copied over. We will be migrating desktops first and then servers once all desktops are finished. We can migrated services before a server is migrated though where possible. What is the best method of migrating and is there anything that could cause issues? Thanks
  3. Thanks, I had looked under the auditing reports but not via the administration area. I can now see the report I need
  4. Is it possible to report on the use of the remote session launcher? I am planning the upgrade from v7 to v8 and it would help if I knew who was using the session launcher so I can check they have upgraded their clients. Thanks
  5. Thanks That has fixed it. I had searched for HSTS but not Chrome on it's own hence I didn't find the original solution Now just need to sort out our proxy cert (SHA1) and the additional names in the cert.
  6. We have started seeing an issue with Chrome refusing access to Passwordstate due to an issue with HSTS. We get the following error in the browser You cannot visit emea-itadmin.aeroflex.corp right now because the website uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later. Everything is still fine in IE and Firefox I've tried to reproduce the error with another site on the same server and the certificates are functionally the same but I can't get to this point. Any ideas? Thanks
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