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  1. Since it edited out my screen shots, I will post them separately. error.jpg is the error message when I browse to the site, and setup.jpg is what I get when I attempt to log into the setup portion
  2. I recently purchased the HA license for passwordstate. I was able to setup my secondardy instance, but when I attempt to log in, I get the following screen. There are no options to click on anything or change anything. I attempted to get into the setup to change the key out, but when I go to the setup menu There are really no troubleshooting documents, so I have no idea how I am supposed to be able to access the admin menu and change the key to the correct one (even though it verified it as valid when I entered it).
  3. Hello, I have noticed that certain variables are not passing when creating email messages from passwordstate. More specifically, the [ToFirstName] and [userName] variables do not pass. I have attached an example email showing the problem and the design of the message within password state
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