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  1. Configuring backup

    found the problem and confirming I was wrong. We had 2 databases on the server not sure about the other one. Anyways, did a backup of the correct database and the size is valid so we're good Robin
  2. Configuring backup

    Thanks for the reply! Something definitely isn't right then. I've got an open ticket with our DBAs to confirm the .bak being created by the application process is correct which I have no doubts it is. The application gives no failure alert doing the backup. The size in SSMS shows at 47mb with 33mb free so definitely not 200mb going by my backup. I'm looking at the documentation here - http://server/help/securityadminmanual/ and I'm not seeing anything wrong with our setup. We'll test from the .bak file the application makes and see. Robin
  3. Configuring backup

    Question when setting the backup feature under "Backups and Upgrades" When it takes a backup of the database I'm assuming it's doing a DIFF not a FULL. Reason being if I run a commandline like so - sqlcmd -S hostname -U passwordstate_user -P password-Q "BACKUP DATABASE passwordstate TO DISK='d:\temp\passwordstatedb.bak' I get a file that is approximately 200mb in size. When I run the backup procedure within the application the backup is 2mb in size.
  4. create user via API

    If I can piggyback on this to also include API access to backup/upgrade ability would allow us to automate even further
  5. create user via API

    It would be nice to have the functionality to add/modify/delete a user via the API so that we could further reduce manual work and extended access to groups such as a Help Desk.
  6. Password list with no Admin how to remove?

    great thanks! We actually found that out about 1 hour after I posted this. Are you guys using JIRA or an equivalent would be nice to have a feature that if you're logged in as a Security Administrator the options are there on each list instead of having to go into the Administration -> Password Lists.
  7. We have a password list which is old and there are people no longer with the company but also no one listed as having admin functionality. How does someone without admin access to a password list go about getting admin access? v6.3 (Build 6308)