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  1. Passwordlists per user (API)

    Great! Do you have a therotical estimate on this feature?
  2. Passwordlists per user (API)

    perhaps this could be a feature request where user has its own global api key?
  3. Passwordlists per user (API)

    Hi, well, that is not exactly what we are looking for. What we try to achieve is to have some sort of integration with http://rundeck.org where in the rundeck UI a user could select a password list where to get credentials or other data. It is possible to ask the user to provide API key and PasswordListID, but we would like to do this without user interaction
  4. Hi, when i go to "account lockout monitoring" and click "query event logs now" i get the window with the error. In the error console it was saying: I then realised that I was using the read-only account. Then I have changed to another account with write permissions. Unfortunately, I get the same error window and in the console it says: Error Code = The RPC server is unavailable, StackTrace = at System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventLogException.Throw(Int32 errorCode) at System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.NativeWrapper.EvtQuery(EventLogHandle session, String path, String query, Int32 flags) at System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventLogReader..ctor(EventLogQuery eventQuery, EventBookmark bookmark) at admin_passwordresetportal_users_edit.CheckEventLogs()
  5. Hi, we have many integrations with PasswordState and I was wondering would it be possible to get a list of PasswordLists that user has access to. Something like you have implemented in the browser plugin when a user can choose where to save the credentials.
  6. Reports

    Hi just a thought, it's a bit confusing to have a report called "Report Name: What has a user been doing lately?" where you can select duration up to 3 years. According to your recommendation, you suggest keeping auditing records up to 1 million. I assume that many of the PasswordState customers for sure generates more records than that over 3 years period. This contradicts a bit to what is recommended and what kind of functionality is provided
  7. API key length

    Hi, I want to confirm whether the API key value is always 32 symbols long? Is there a chance that it will change?
  8. copy&link doesn't work properly in Chrome

    Thanks! Apparently, that user had zoom level set to 80% on Chrome. It turns out that windows scaling factor have the impact on this as well. Even if the Chrome is set back to 100%, the user had Windows display properties set scale factor for 125% and Chrome was still sending float value instead of an integer. When everything was set to its defaults, it worked fine.
  9. Hi, we have noticed that Copy&Link feature does not work properly on Chrome. POST request returns HTTP 200 with content “49|error|500|665.9710693359375 is not a valid value for Int32.|”. After that “Cancel” button does not work either. I figured out that the problem is identical to this one: http://www.telerik.com/forums/system-formatexception-78e82e51af27#Ww7bQEwfgUiShf9gFFmxBg - Chrome sends scroll position as float rather than integer. Perhaps this is related here as well. Here are the details: Passwordstate: V7.8 (Build 7854) Google Chrome 57.0.2987.133 (Official Build) (64-bit) Revision ec33cd0c06881d919ac0de419d829ad914e0be8f-refs/branch-heads/2987@ {#887} OS Windows, JavaScript V8 5.7.492.71
  10. Regex for host search

    Great. Looking forward!
  11. Regex for host search

    any comment on this?
  12. Managing permissions on a recerod level

    Thanks for answering!
  13. Hi, I have an "issue" here. I have a list of a lot of records in it. I grant Modify permissions (it doesn't allow me to grant Admin access) to the record inside the list to one person. Now in order to minimize the support chain. I would like that user to manage whom he grants additional permission to that record. I know that there is Copy&Link function, but it doesn't fit in this situation. Neither granting permissions to the whole list for that user will work. Is there any solution to that or i just have to choose between later mention two?
  14. Regex for host search

    Hi, we have a certain server naming system/convention that we follow. So if we have let's say a server with the name hcluster3-web1.sjc.sl.serverdensity.net It would be great to be able to search for "hcluster3*" OR "hcluster3-*.sjc.sl.serverdensity.net
  15. Regex for host search

    Hi, i would like to propose a feature in Reset -> Hosts section. It would be neat to be able to use regex to filter hosts. FYI: it would be great if you could make a webinar or something where you will be presenting what's new in V8