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  1. Azkabahn

    Proposal for new API endpoint

    Great, I forgot about that thread. So it looks that it is needed by community
  2. Azkabahn

    Proposal for new API endpoint

    Hi, yes I did and this is exactly why i would like to request to have such thing as to generate destruct URLs via API I am not talking about actually sending the email, but rather as the first version just to be able to generate valid URLs.
  3. Hi, i would like to ask/propose to introduce new API endpoint for generating self destruct messages. Would it be something possible? We have a business case where such functionality would be implemented internally to our client services to automatically send sensitive information via such messages and also credentials from PasswordState. For API it would be enough to send post request ("Automatically self-destruct this message if not viewed in" and "Allow the self-destruct message to be viewed" - required values)and get a response of self destruct message URL. In our case, if someone would like to send credentials from PasswordState we can build aggregation with existing API endpoints and tie together with this newly requested API endpoint. Best case scenario would be to include optional fields in this new API endpoint where you could specify password record ID value
  4. Azkabahn

    Security architectural diagram

    I would like to get a copy of this as well
  5. Azkabahn

    Can WinAPI be used via a Linux shell script?

    Hi, i would not say that you can use WinApi only from windows machines. We are using WinApi from Linux machines for quite some time and it works fine as simple as this: curl --ntlm -u "user:pass" "https://passwordstate_url/winapi/passwords/XX"
  6. Sorry, I was not aware of the newest changes. I have just upgraded to the very latest version Is there a reason why it was decided to split message creation into 3 steps? instead of having it in one window? Another worth mentioning point, is the display of the message when the receiver gets it. The only differentiation between system text and the actual message body is the indentation. Perhaps the actual message body could be more visually expressed/visible?
  7. Hi, I see the concern behind this. How about making it an optional thing that can be enabled? Or maybe you could re-make a little bit the message creation workflow in the UI? Instead of having 3 steps, make it everything into one unified window and also add a button that copies the link to the clipboard.
  8. @SGauvin i think it's easier to put a proper health checks on your backend and then visualize in Grafana or any other similar systems. Next step would be to add alerting based on triggers. Also - put a dynamic DNS load balancer in front so you could easily switch between primary instance and HA. We have built all of it and we do PasswordState upgrades with 0 downtime.
  9. Hi, just recently deployed a separate instance of Self Destruct Message. Our plan is to push this feature to client support dep. Currently, the majority of people use whatever other online tools for sending self destruct messages. I see a good use case for having an internal tool like that. I see a lot of things that can be improved, but I would like to highlight one of them - perhaps you could add an option to craft a message within the browser extension? After creation, the URL gets copied to the clipboard and then you simply paste the URL to whatever communication channel you are on.
  10. Azkabahn

    New Permissions Report requested

    +1 Also it is difficult to understand the situation where a user is duplicated many times when you look at the permission list. For example: User A has modify permissions for Record A User A has view permissions for Record B I will have the same user displayed 3 times: 2 for above permissions, 1 record under the guest column. Perhaps it would be possible to separate such views? One for password list level, second for individual records?
  11. Azkabahn

    Password viewed emails to list admins only?

    +1 from me as well