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  1. More verbose access log

    What Buckit is saying is very true as well in some cases. This kind of logging would make life a bit easier for security admins to do an investigation. In some cases, the users complain that something is wrong after quite some time and it's really difficult to trace back and figure it out what has been changed. The only option is to restore the backup to test instance and do the comparison :)
  2. More verbose access log

    Hi, we have faced with some troubles trying to understand what exact changes were made in the password list properties. Would it be possible to get a bit verbose output of what has changed in the properties of password list? As an example: if users updates IP whitelisting it would be great that this would be indicated If the user has renamed the list the line could include something like "password list X renamed to Y". If user enabled/disabled some of the options in the password list properties that would be good to know as well. All of this info can be retrieved from the user, but it takes time to question the user and sometimes they don't even remember what changes they have done
  3. ELK and PasswordState

  4. Better HA upgrade procedure

    Hi, regarding the file transfer - it doesn't have to continue. I see it almost similar to the backup procedure. You click "transfer" and it sends all the files to HA, if you don't want to do that you transfer the files on your own.
  5. ELK and PasswordState

    Another great feature would be get such logs in JSON format
  6. ELK and PasswordState

    Hi, i would like to start this thread to get some insights if any of the other customers are using external syslog server to ship the logs from PasswordState. I am using ELK stack. Currently i am trying to create custom filters in Kibana to filter out the logs from PasswordState. I have the question, does the PasswordState always include "Passwordstate" value in the logs that are being sent to syslog server? host:X.X.X.X @timestamp:September 12th 2017, 17:17:29.728 @version:1 message:<110>2017-09-12 16:15:52 X.X.X.X Passwordstate: Failed 'Forms Based' login attempt for UserID 'n.lastname' from the IP Address 'X.X.X.X'. Client IP Address = X.X.X.X _id:AV_aAXYurEipAt82YaPZ _type:logs _index:%{type}-2017.11.20 _score: - Feature Request - it would be great to have support for TCP ports
  7. Better HA upgrade procedure

    Hi, well, it's not an issue per se. Let me start by saying that I cannot think of any logical reason why primary and HA instances should be in different versions there is preprod, dev environments for that. Having that in mind, the copying of files across the servers is just annoying and it just asks itself to be fully automated. I don't see how different is this from setting up the account for backup. When the admin is setting up an account to perform backups he might as well add additional access for it to access the HA instance. Regarding the Transactional Replication, what we have done is that we have 5 SQL procedures that are fully automated and takes care of removing replica and then bringing it up again.
  8. Hi, do you plan on having a bit smoother HA instance upgrade workflow? At the moment all this file moving and copying things across the servers takes too much effort comparing to the number of releases you produce. On contrary, I am happy with your fast delivery and fixes
  9. Hi, do you plan to add an option to change the logo in the PasswordState Password Reset portal? Or some additional branding options?
  10. Passwordlists per user (API)

    Great! Do you have a therotical estimate on this feature?
  11. Passwordlists per user (API)

    perhaps this could be a feature request where user has its own global api key?
  12. Passwordlists per user (API)

    Hi, well, that is not exactly what we are looking for. What we try to achieve is to have some sort of integration with http://rundeck.org where in the rundeck UI a user could select a password list where to get credentials or other data. It is possible to ask the user to provide API key and PasswordListID, but we would like to do this without user interaction
  13. Password Reset Portal error

    Hi, when i go to "account lockout monitoring" and click "query event logs now" i get the window with the error. In the error console it was saying: I then realised that I was using the read-only account. Then I have changed to another account with write permissions. Unfortunately, I get the same error window and in the console it says: Error Code = The RPC server is unavailable, StackTrace = at System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventLogException.Throw(Int32 errorCode) at System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.NativeWrapper.EvtQuery(EventLogHandle session, String path, String query, Int32 flags) at System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventLogReader..ctor(EventLogQuery eventQuery, EventBookmark bookmark) at admin_passwordresetportal_users_edit.CheckEventLogs()
  14. Hi, we have many integrations with PasswordState and I was wondering would it be possible to get a list of PasswordLists that user has access to. Something like you have implemented in the browser plugin when a user can choose where to save the credentials.
  15. Reports

    Hi just a thought, it's a bit confusing to have a report called "Report Name: What has a user been doing lately?" where you can select duration up to 3 years. According to your recommendation, you suggest keeping auditing records up to 1 million. I assume that many of the PasswordState customers for sure generates more records than that over 3 years period. This contradicts a bit to what is recommended and what kind of functionality is provided