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  1. Azkabahn

    Proposal for new API endpoint

    Hello, have you added this request into backlog?
  2. Azkabahn

    Self Destruct Message Email Template

    any update on this?
  3. Azkabahn

    haveibeenpwned report

    Hi, yes I am aware of that. My request was that this would be done via the Administration panel. I would like to have an option to select several password lists and run the scan.
  4. Hi, would you consider adding additional functionality to Self Destruct Message as selecting a different email template? Currently, there is only one available "Self Destruct Message Email", it would be great if you could have a few different email templates for that.
  5. Azkabahn

    Self Destruct in High Availability

    I had a similar idea as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in our case since self destruct is places in DMZ zone and will be used to send out URLs outside organization. While the main PasswordState is placed in infra segment with no access to outside. Another question, I haven't had time to test it, but what if we simply use round-robin dns technique? Would PasswordState understand and return the message content?
  6. Azkabahn

    haveibeenpwned report

    Hi, I will use this topic instead of creating a new. I hope it fits under this topic. In the administration area, it is possible to run a global report against haveibeenpwned database. The problem I face is that currently, I have 22167 password records in the database. When I click on that report, the whole PasswordState application crashes and gives 503 error. Perhaps an idea for future release to introduce batching or an option for the administrator to pre-select password lists? The latter would be more suitable as in our case you usually want to get a report on specific password lists that are managed by specific people.
  7. Hi, i was wondering is it possible to run Self Destruct in HA mode? The documentation only points out a possible issue with running PasswordState in HA. I have deployed a totally separate windows server in DMZ where I run Self Destruct.
  8. Azkabahn

    Personal API Key

    Hi, yes, it works on linux/mac if your machines are joined into AD
  9. Azkabahn

    Linking Passwords in the API

    +1 we use PasswordState as part of our CI/CD pipeline, so this would be nice to have feature as well
  10. Hi, i think it's time to address one issue that I have been facing and some of the employees internally started to point out the same "issue". I hope this is a small feature request... It is quite common to paste the passwordstate URL to a specific password list or password record via various communication tools. The issue is that after you open the URL it doesn't and you end up in the password list, you have no idea what is the actual path or where it is in the navigation tab. It would great if in the navigation tab the user would be able to see where it landed in the navigation. For example, if have a deep structure of folders and many password lists underneath it takes some time to figure I out where exactly I am in the structure. I hope that makes sense
  11. Azkabahn

    Proposal for new API endpoint

    Great, I forgot about that thread. So it looks that it is needed by community
  12. Azkabahn

    Proposal for new API endpoint

    Hi, yes I did and this is exactly why i would like to request to have such thing as to generate destruct URLs via API I am not talking about actually sending the email, but rather as the first version just to be able to generate valid URLs.
  13. Hi, i would like to ask/propose to introduce new API endpoint for generating self destruct messages. Would it be something possible? We have a business case where such functionality would be implemented internally to our client services to automatically send sensitive information via such messages and also credentials from PasswordState. For API it would be enough to send post request ("Automatically self-destruct this message if not viewed in" and "Allow the self-destruct message to be viewed" - required values)and get a response of self destruct message URL. In our case, if someone would like to send credentials from PasswordState we can build aggregation with existing API endpoints and tie together with this newly requested API endpoint. Best case scenario would be to include optional fields in this new API endpoint where you could specify password record ID value