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  1. Thanks for the update. That is disappointing. We evaluated a lot of password managers (1Password, KeeperMSP, Password Boss, Bitwarden, Myki, to name a few) and all had Safari extensions/integration. We landed on Passwordstate because we liked the feature set, and the fact that you had a Safari extension, because most of our users prefer Safari. We were just about to deploy Passwordstate into production, but now will have to review.
  2. Just checking back in on this to see if you might have a timeframe when you expect to update the Safari extension? Thanks!
  3. Any updated timeline for release of the Safari browser extension?
  4. Any update on this? We would also like to see it for MS Teams.
  5. Where can we download the Safari browser extension? I am unable to find it in the Safari extensions on the App Store and there is no way to search for extensions.
  6. +1 - would like to see this functionality as well
  7. We have folders for each of our clients that have permalinks. In our support system, we have an icon on each device that, when clicked, will open the permalink to take us to the client folder in Passwordstate. The issue we have is that when we open Passwordstate via the permalink it takes you to a page with only the folder. It does not expand the subfolders and there is no easy way to expand the subfolders. We either need to click the icon to expand all password lists and folders or manually expand the folders by starting at the root folder. It would be nice if when you use a permalink it
  8. Would love to have the ability to use remote session launcher on macOS, specifically with Teamviewer. Our RMM tool, which is web based, can open a computer with just Teamviewer running on the Mac. It would be great to be able to do this from Passwordstate and pass credentials to log on to the computer.
  9. Something like the Remote Session Launcher, where is can launch a ScreenConnect session to the computer and autofill username and password.
  10. Any plans to integrate with ConnectWise ScreenConnect/Control?
  11. We are experiencing this issue with a new install of build 7551 and Safari 9.0.3. The Mac is a clean install of OS X El Capitan.
  12. We are experiencing the same issue. Build 7551. Password contains # @ ^ characters. Log states The Password entered was incorrect. Same password works on web login. Update: Just tried it again with another account with password set to Password123 and get the same error. Update 2: This started working once I replaced the self signed SSL certificate with a certificate signed by a CA.
  13. I am having the same issue with the latest version of Safari.
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