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  1. I think I have this resolved. For some reason in IIS both Windows Auth & Forms Auth were turned on. After I disabled Forms Auth, the errors went away.
  2. After reinstalling Password State, we keep getting page not found errors through the app - while signing in / signing out / clicking various tabs. When this occurs, the browser URL always references login.aspx e.g. https://fqdn/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2floggedout.aspx https://fqdn/login.aspx I have restarted IIS. Tried different computers / browsers, emptied cache etc. and upgraded Password State to the latest version, but the issue still persists. Any clues as to where I should be looking to address this?
  3. Thanks, I was able to download and successfully install the 8242 build of Password State.
  4. When attempting to install the latest version of Password State, I keep getting the following error: The file doesn't exist in the location specified. I can manually copy it there, but it's missing from other places to. The install will finally finish, but the service won't start. Is it possible to get a link to download the previous version of Password State? I had successfully installed that previously.
  5. We have integrated Duo for various other systems in our organization - ADFS, RADIUS, RDS etc. In all those systems we have configured Duo Auto-push (https://duo.com/blog/introducing-auto-push-and-custom-logos-in-the-authentication-prompt) so that a push request is sent to the users default device without them having to click the push button. This is just a convenient setting that our users are used to and we'd like to enable that for Passwordstate as well. Is it possible to do currently? If not, can we submit a request for it? Thanks.
  6. Sure, I've emailed you the steps to your support email address.
  7. Hello, We're experiencing some behavior with private password lists, that seems to be contrary to what's published here and I was wondering if others have the same issue and/or if I'm just misinterpreting how things work. I have created a private password list and have disabled the ability to export passwords for the list. The only user that has permissions to see the list is myself. Another user that is a security admin is able to go in and copy the password from my private password list to a shared password list and then able to view the password. This essentially makes passwo
  8. Just a note, if you are running the PasswordState service under a different account, you have to explicitly give it permissions to read the encryption keys, if you encrypt the database connection string, by using this command: aspnet_regiis -pa "NetFrameworkConfigurationKey" "Domain\Username of service account"
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