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    Page Not Found Error

    After reinstalling Password State, we keep getting page not found errors through the app - while signing in / signing out / clicking various tabs. When this occurs, the browser URL always references login.aspx e.g. https://fqdn/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2floggedout.aspx https://fqdn/login.aspx I have restarted IIS. Tried different computers / browsers, emptied cache etc. and upgraded Password State to the latest version, but the issue still persists. Any clues as to where I should be looking to address this?
  2. abj

    Page Not Found Error

    I think I have this resolved. For some reason in IIS both Windows Auth & Forms Auth were turned on. After I disabled Forms Auth, the errors went away.
  3. When attempting to install the latest version of Password State, I keep getting the following error: The file doesn't exist in the location specified. I can manually copy it there, but it's missing from other places to. The install will finally finish, but the service won't start. Is it possible to get a link to download the previous version of Password State? I had successfully installed that previously.
  4. abj

    Download previous version?

    Thanks, I was able to download and successfully install the 8242 build of Password State.
  5. We have integrated Duo for various other systems in our organization - ADFS, RADIUS, RDS etc. In all those systems we have configured Duo Auto-push (https://duo.com/blog/introducing-auto-push-and-custom-logos-in-the-authentication-prompt) so that a push request is sent to the users default device without them having to click the push button. This is just a convenient setting that our users are used to and we'd like to enable that for Passwordstate as well. Is it possible to do currently? If not, can we submit a request for it? Thanks.
  6. Hello, We're experiencing some behavior with private password lists, that seems to be contrary to what's published here and I was wondering if others have the same issue and/or if I'm just misinterpreting how things work. I have created a private password list and have disabled the ability to export passwords for the list. The only user that has permissions to see the list is myself. Another user that is a security admin is able to go in and copy the password from my private password list to a shared password list and then able to view the password. This essentially makes passwords in my private password list visible to all security administrators. Is there another option that I need to enable to make my passwords truly private? Or is this a bug or intended behavior? We're on version 7.2 build 7273. Thanks, Abhi
  7. Sure, I've emailed you the steps to your support email address.
  8. Just a note, if you are running the PasswordState service under a different account, you have to explicitly give it permissions to read the encryption keys, if you encrypt the database connection string, by using this command: aspnet_regiis -pa "NetFrameworkConfigurationKey" "Domain\Username of service account"