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  1. Thank you for your reply. I am well aware of the risks that exist when backing up to the same machine, on which Passwordstate is running. We are currently runnning a test setup on a virtual machine, which is backed up in full on another host. So even if we suffer a serious server issue, we will have access to our backup files. This is also the reason we're using a local account. When we go into full production mode with Passwordstate, we might change the account to be more integrated with the rest of our network, but for now we prefer having a standalone installation that is not dependant on an AD server. Again, thanks for your feedback. I felt it was worth documenting my issue and post the solution here for other users also running a simple test environment. Regards, Gazhak
  2. I want to describe my experience when upgrading Passwordstate from a clean (first time) installation Versions: Current Build: Version 6.3 (Build 6350) New Build: Version 7.0 (Build 7033) Note: I am running Passwordstate on a server, that is not connected to a domain/AD. I had a fair bit of trouble with this, probably mostly due to the fact I am new to passwordstate, so I thought I would document for any other readers running into the same problem. My issue were primarily with getting the backup working. Here's what I did: I put in my userinfo and backup path to a shared folder on our server ( i.e. C:\<folder name>\ ) and I put in credentials for an administrator account and hit the "test settings" button. Nothing was happening, and I never got any error message. So I tried starting the upgrade process via the notification in the top of the passwordstate webapp, and I got the following error: Upgrade error detected - Index was outside the bounds of the array. - Method = StopWindowsServiceButton_Click What I did to solve this was: First change my account name from <account> to .\<account> (since I'm using a local account and not an AD account) Add permissions for the account "NT services\MSSQLSERVER" account: right click your chosen backup folder, select properties > security tab > hit Edit... button > click Add... > type in NT services\MSSQLSERVER > select MSSQLSERVER from the list > click OK After completing these two steps, I was able to succesfully test backup settings and get going with the upgrade. Regards, Gazhak
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