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  1. After increasing it to 1000 for 20 tries we've got 5 passwords not meeting policy requirements.
  2. Hi, We have those setting in place but still from time to time we get generated password that doesn't meet requirements. Retry count is set to 250. Regards, Pawel
  3. Hi, I have problems with forcing passwords generator to generate passwords containing at least one number and special character. Is it possible? Pawel
  4. Setting password permissions via API

    Hi, We've got passwordstate set to use Active Directory for users and groups and would like to be able to give access to individual Password record for only a specific Security Group.
  5. Setting password permissions via API

    Hi, thanks for your answer. BR
  6. Hi, I’ve seen some questions about API enhancements but didn’t find explicitly this one. Is setting individual password permissions with API planed anytime soon, maybe in coming release? Or maybe there is such feature already but I couldn’t find it? Regards.