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  1. Google Authenticator Setup

    Thank very much for the help, we were able to dig up the emergency access password. We're evaluating Passwordstate to be our password management solution and we are planning to use Google Authenticator as our 2FA. However, we need a way for users to setup their Authenticator access without logging in to their account (we have 100+ users). You mentioned above that in version 7 the users be able to do this from the login page, that is exactly what we need. Is there a beta/release candidate for version 7 that we can evaluate?
  2. Google Authenticator Setup

    Thanks for the reply. When we setup the instance, we did not setup any emergency password. Is there a default password?
  3. Google Authenticator Setup

    Hi, I've enables 2FA with manual AD + Google Authenticator as default for all users. However, now when a users want to login in they have to key in the Authenticator code but they did not have the chance to set it up. I was assuming that users that have not set Authenticator up will have some way of doing it from the login page, but it seems that each user needs to be able to first login successfully to set it up. Is there any way around this? Also, now that Google Authenticator is enabled in our environment, no one can log in (including the admins). What can we do to get access back? Thanks, Eran
  4. Hi all, I'm evaluating Passwordstate for my company and one of the required feature is to be able to have the same password in several groups. However, in Passwordstate I see that passwords can be included in only one list. Is there a way to have passwords in multiple lists? I'm aware that you can copy a password to a different list, but then you have to maintain two versions of the same credentials which kind of defeats the purpose. Can this be done in Passwordstate? Thanks, Eran