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    marco reacted to support in Development status?   
    Hi Braddyy,
    Yes, we've been very busy for the past 8 months working on version 7 of Passwordstate. We're hoping it will be complete in the next 2 months, and below are the major features coming - plenty of other smaller features as well:
    Major Features Coming in Version 7
    •         Browser extensions for form-filling web site logins (possibly just Chrome to start with, but others afterwards)
    •         Discovery different windows hosts on the network, and manually add or import unix/routers/switches, etc
    •         Discovery Windows Services, IIS App Pools and Scheduled Tasks which are using accounts, automatically add them to Passwordstate, and update them when passwords change
    •         Run PowerShell scripts to change passwords for linux/unix boxes, switches and routers, MS SQL and MySQL accounts, and local passwords on Windows PC’s (we provide default scripts for all these which can be customised if needed)
    •         Run PowerShell scripts to execute MS SQL or MySQL custom scripts
    •         Launch RDP, SSH, Telnet and VNC sessions to remote hosts, without having to enter username and passwords – all audited of course
    •         Allow different colour themes
    •         Two-Factor Authentication with Dou Security
    •         More improvements to the API
    •         Additional Menu navigation system – vertical on the left hand-side, instead of the horizontal one at the bottom of the screen
    Click Studios
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    marco reacted to support in Reset passwords via SSH   
    Hi Esteban,
    The beauty of us providing custom scripting for these upcoming features, is that it allows greater customisation.
    If you have a look at the attached Edit Password screen from version 7, the icon I have highlighted is to validate the AD password is correct in Passwordstate and AD. Is this the sort of thing you were thinking of? If so, we would then need a way to "attach" two types of scripts to Hosts i.e. one for Password Resets, and another for Password Validation. Does this make sense?

    Click Studios
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    marco reacted to dbsoftdomains in Folder Icons   
    Would be nice to be able to set a specific folder icon as you can for Password Lists.
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    marco reacted to StefanPahrmann in Deleting password lists   
    when deleting a passwordlist, there is a prompt saying: "Are you sure you want to delete the selected Password List". Can "selected" be changed with the actual name of the list? This is to avoid deleting the wrong list (we have to doublecheck every time if the right list is selected). 
    Thanks in advance
    Stefan Pahrmann
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    marco reacted to lunger in Documents Tab on Edit Password Popup   
    It would be nice if there was a Documents tab on the Edit Password screen to allow documents to be uploaded, rather than having to click the actions button from the list.
    It would also be nice if there was an option to show list-related documents on the same screen as the password list itself.
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