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  1. "password like" field for certificates

    This is a welcome feature. We use Passwordstate today to store our certificates and miss some of the features described above. We add the certificate file as a document connected to the password and have a lot of custom fields to handle the information.
  2. Password List as Favorite

    Hi! Really nice features! I think the grid on the homepage is a good complement to the filtering and should be there. Looking forward for the next version... Regards Mattias
  3. Password List as Favorite

    Hi! We have a large number of lists (about 70 and growing) and some users only use a few of them. They want an easy way to access the lists that they frequently use. If you could place lists among the passwords under favorites it would solve this. Thanks for the tip about "default list" that can be useful.
  4. Hi! The possibility to have password lists (not only passwords) as favorites would be a nice feature.
  5. I found that the timer does not reset or restart when you make several copies to the clipboard. If copy one password and paste it and after 20sec copies another, the last password is only stored in 10sec (If the timer is set to 30sec). Is it possible to restart the timer after each copy?