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  1. Could we just not even display the username in the DUO screen? It is set in the person's profile settings. Why is it shown here? Seems like a "Send Push" button (and "Login" button if it can't login automatically) would be all that is needed... Also spares someone from exposing their DUO username... (maybe a bit too paranoid).
  2. Ok, this is a curiosity question more than anything. Smoke mushrooms with me a moment..... Let's say my browser (for whatever reason) has my username and password saved for Passwordstate. The DUO 2FA screen appears to allow you to enter in the username you use for DUO. Hypothetically, could USER A leave their computer. Passwordstate logs them out. USER A has their username/password saved in their browser. USER B comes along, goes to Passwordstate. Presses login with USER A's stored user/pass. Then, on the DUO screen, they enter USER B's DUO username (in the same company, so same DUO API codes apply). USER B then get a prompt on their device to authorize the DUO Push request and then get into USER A's account?
  3. And again, as usual - it works and you guys rock!
  4. As usual - it works and you guys rock! Thanks so much for the quick action!
  5. Any chance of having the web interface automatically login once I have clicked the Duo Push acceptance button in the Duo app? Right now I have to wait and then click "Logon". Not too big of a deal, but seems/feels odd.
  6. When adding a new password via the Browser Extension, the name of the password lists are shown in the drop down menu. We have a folder for each client. We then use the same series of password lists under each folder. Example: ACME --- Web Hosting Spacely Sprockets --- Web Hosting In the Browser Extension, I just see: - Web Hosting - Web Hosting This makes it impossible to place the password in the correct spot. I'd like to request that we would see something like: [ACME] Web Hosting [spacely Sprockets] Web Hosting Thoughts? I am so close to tossing LastPass! Loving this!
  7. I'd love to see the browser extension default to entering whatever is in the <title></title> tags of the website into the Description field when saving/adding a new password to PS.
  8. Any chance of having a Mac version of the Remote Session Launcher?
  9. Thanks so much! This worked for me!
  10. I have been trying to setup our PS server to use Google Apps SMTP service. I have put in the SMTP server address (smtp.gmail.com), port 465, the account email address. I have also enabled TLS and added the password. I continue receiving an error during setup. Has anyone used Google Apps for email in the past?
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