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  1. Development status?

    ...maybe with multilingual interface? Language files for self-translation will be also welcome. :-) best regards John
  2. Hi, it would be fine to get an emergency access (or a "export ONE Password") function for lists with "allow export" option. Often there is just one password needed but not to export all. (Or if there is already a possibility to perform that action?) Best regards John
  3. Hi, we're using the actual build 6350 and as we build up a new environment we're testing some cases. In one of our test scenarios I've seen that a shared list which doesn't checked as "Allow Password List to be Exported" is contained in the .csv file. This list is also exported when we use the option "bulk Password Update " and use the export function. I' tried to check and uncheck the allow function, but it doesn't help. best regards John
  4. Language support

    Hi, is there any news? Several user ask me for this frequently. best regards
  5. Hi, what i mean is a generator which can be used without a policy for the whole list. If i add an entry or change one a generator would be nice which can configured in this moment (number of characters, with or without special characters and so on -like the settings when configuring a password policy. So that the user is able to generate passwords with different settings for each entry in the list. i.e. for websites and forums are very different requirements for passwords, so that a policy won't match for all entry's in it. In our case all users will have a private section (a private list) where personal entry's can be stored (Their Windows live IDs, amazon login, email, and so on) -so the providers will be very different and the requirements of course, too Regards John
  6. Ability to upload file as a field

    Hi, I also have searched for it while designing a template -good to know that it's possible by using the action-button. Regards John
  7. Hello, what also would be very nice (especially for private password list which could be contain amazon, facebook or similar) is a "free generator" when adding a new entry in the private section, as some site have special restrictions (i.e. exact 8 characters, without some special characters, not longer then 16, and so on....) regards John