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  1. For Passwordstate (v. 7033 and below) deploy on Windows Server with Russian language settings for the correct operation of Chrome Extension should be: For the Russian copy of Windows Server (where deploy Passwordstate) language settings should be: For the English copy of Windows Server with Russian regional settings (where deploy Passwordstate) language settings should be:
  2. (default) C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\setup\scripts\Get-LocalAdminAccounts.ps1 line#20: $group = [ADSI]"WinNT://$HostName/Administrators" -> $group = [ADSI]"WinNT://$HostName/ÐдминиÑтраторы" However, if use this approach local administrators of the English copies Windows Server will not be found!
  3. Hi! In Russified copies of Windows7(8) local user groups have Russian names. ie, No group "Administrators", there is a group "ÐдминиÑтраторы". How can I fix the script task "Local Admin Accounts Discovery Job" ?
  4. "https://password2:9119/api/browser/authenticate" - OK! but "https://password2:9119/api/browser/getpasswordlists" - ERROR! see pictures:https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=F78FC9FE826ED4D3&id=F78FC9FE826ED4D3%2110309
  5. Thanks for the tips! However, they have not been successful Browser Extension successfully login, but the functions "getpasvordlists", "getwebsites" and "generatepassword" returns the 401 ({"error": "auth_key is invalid."}).
  6. In the Google Chrome is not installed other extensions. Sorry I can not give you remote access to our test virtual lab. I can provide data from Google Chrome Developer Tools:
  7. I did everything you asked. Even restart the computer. The situation has not changed. My settings listed below: Passwordstate audit log displays successful entry Browser Extension: However, the extension does not save (fills) passwords
  8. I upgrade the Passwordstate with version 6 to 7. Installed Chrome extension. (Chrome ver.: 38.0.2125.111 m) I have created API Key on your 'Preferences' page within Passwordstate. I configuring extension for use. I filled in all the required fields in my password. ...and Auto-Fill Web Site Logins not works browser form fields UserName Field Name: user Password Field Name: passwd see pictures below: This issue is fixed in Passwordstate 7.0 Beta 4 - Build 7059!
  9. Thank you! and Sorry for my English. But this method is not suitable for us. There are users (IT users) who are administrators for password list A. There are users (Security users) who are administrators for password list B. Users (IT users) have read-only rights for password list B. Users (Security users) have read-only rights for password list A. Proposed option in this case will not help. Under the action password list A and users (Security users) do not need to be notified. Users (Security users) should not have to be notified for password list A.
  10. How to send alerts to only administrators of password list. Now messages sent to users who have the view, modify and admin right.
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