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  1. Ok, thanks for the update, we will upgrade soon then.
  2. I’m unable to paste into the notes section of the upgraded Password State. Attempted with both IE and Chrome. Attempted after reboot. Others have confirmed the issue exists on their machines on chrome. Entering text is fine, but not pasting from the clipboard.
  3. brillbusi

    Remote Session Launcher not passing password

    One interesting update is that one of developers reported that it works great for him, but he only uses PS in IE. I tried it in IE and got the same result. We have always stored the IP and port for RDP in the URL, it is too bad that we can not just use that instead of setting up hosts and having to search for them every time. Here is a note from him: [10:47:59 AM] : Yeah, chrome doesn't do the login for me. IE does. [10:50:27 AM] : Firefox does the login. [10:50:47 AM] : But, in each case, you need to first copy the rdp url, and maybe the port. [10:50:51 AM] : It's not ideal. [10:51:39 AM] : We could start putting the url for rdp in the description, so you could copy it to the clipboard, then paste it in the dialog, but again, not ideal. [10:51:54 AM] : But, still an improvement over having to jump back and forth between browser and RDP. My chrome version is: 41.0.2272.89 m
  4. brillbusi

    Remote Session Launcher not passing password

    I removed the API key from the PowerShell Script. I re-read more carefully the instructions here: /remotesessionlauncher/Remote_Session_Launcher_Installation_Instructions.pdf, BUT... When I try: "By Creating One or More Remote Session Credential Queries", I link to the right credentials, I launch from the home page, and I re-enter the credentials when I try to launch the RDP (not sure why this is neccessary, but no big deal for the moment), then I still get prompted for the password (see attached). If I follow the instructions under "Remote Session Launcher with These Credentials", I search for the same host, find it, and then launch. But it still prompts me for the password on the RDP screen (same attachment). And finally, "Manual Credentials for Remote Session Launch" is a subset of #1 above. So, nothing has changed.
  5. brillbusi

    Remote Session Launcher not passing password

    The API Key was NOT in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Passwordstate Remote Session Launcher\PSLauncher.ps1" [string]$Global:APIKey variable, but I added it. However it did not resolve the issue. The "Remember My Credentials" is NOT checked on a manual RDP launch. WHen I tried it from another machine, the popup window would open and then close, but no RDP session started at all.
  6. I just installed 7 and I am super excited about all the new features. However, I am having trouble getting the Remote Session Launcher either with "Remote Session Launcher with These Credentials" or "Manual Launcher" to pass the password. It opens up the popup window and takes me to the RDP login window and I have to enter the password again. I would have expected it to pass the password and proceed to login for me. I am using a recent version of Chrome.