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  1. Hi, We have no top-level-folder, only Passwordlists which have "modfied" access based on AD-groups. When creating a nested passwordlist, I have no option to select another permission model, but maybe I'm missing something? I don't think the video clarifies it for me ,, Regards Stefan
  2. When creating a nested passwordlist or folder, the permissions from the upper passwordlist is not inherited correctly. We set a securitygroup with "Modify" rights on a list and let users from that list create folders and passwordlists below - but these only apply the creators permission, not for the securitygroup. I think i looked through all the settings, but couldn't enforce inheritage. Anything I could try or is it by design? Build 8983 Regards Stefan
  3. Hi, of course you can use it . The cmdlet (Set-VMHostAccount) has been around from at least 5.1. Maybe it needs some further testing, but it seems to work here at our place without problems. Regards Stefan
  4. I've developed a script, which uses PowerCLI/API (VMwares powershell-modules), instead of SSH. SSH is by default disabled on ESXi-hosts for security-reasons, and I want to keep it that way As mentioned needs PowerCLI installed on the server (Guide can be found here https://blogs.vmware.com/PowerCLI/2017/08/updating-powercli-powershell-gallery.html). No privileged account needed. Function Set-ESXiPassword { [CmdletBinding()] param ( [String]$HostName, [String]$UserName, [String]$OldPassword, [String]$NewPassword ) try{ $conn=Connect-VIServer $
  5. When trying to access the documentation for the Windows integrated authentication API, we receive following error: Calling it from here: No errors are shown in the console. Any hints? Regards Stefan Pahrmann
  6. Do'h - you're right about the last one with the 's' - bad sight must come with age . The space was just an error while copying from putty. Thanks, it's working as a charm now. Regards Stefan
  7. Hi again, just tried that, same error (see output, I have a screenshot as well). Passwords in lists can be created and passwords can be generated. Any logfiles to look into or some hints on how to debug? curl -k --request POST https://webserver:9119/api/passwordswordlists -d "PasswordList=ZZZ3-Test" -d "CopyPermissions FromTemplateID=1" -d "CopySettingsFromTemplateID=1" -d "APIKey=xxxxxxxx" [{"errors":[{"message":"Invalid API Call"},{"phrase":"Error = Object reference not set to an instance of an object.}]}] curl -k --request POST https://webserver:9119/api/passwordswordlis
  8. Hi again, I tried that as well. Can you tell me which fields are mandatory, so that I can do a passwordlist-creation with as few options as possible (a shared passwordlist)? I think the documentation is a bit unclear on that topic :-) Regards Stefan
  9. Hi, When trying to create a passwordlist I get an error (this is just a minimalistic query): [{"errors":[{"message":"Invalid API Call"},{"phrase":"Error = Object reference not set to an instance of an object.}]}] The error I get is following: [{"errors":[{"message":"Invalid API Call"},{"phrase":"Error = Object reference not set to an instance of an object.}]}] I tried several options, taken from your documentation, but can't see what I'm missing. Creation of passwords with the same URL (only "password" instead of "passwordlist") works as expected. I'm using buil
  10. Hi again, I tried the upgrade again, and checked the query (with 0 rows affected) before. I rebooted the server to rule out some "hanging" process. It failed with exactly the same error again. Do you want me to open a supportcase or can we continue here in the forum? -Stefan
  11. The problem with a restore is, that the service was "open" for end users after the failed upgrade and that some passwords probably were updated/newly created. Is there a way to tell which passwords are updated/created after e.g. 2 PM yesterday and by whom (eventually by SQL query)? I could either try to contact them or migrate them by myself afterwards manually? -Stefan
  12. Hi, It's a bit tricky to do a restore, since i needed to rollback and a simple replacement of the files did seem to work. I would rather doing that. Is there some other way? Can we do it with the backup from before the upgrade? It's true I tried to run the upgrade several times, here is the first output: 13-01-2015 13:05:06 - Build 7000 - Step 2 Completed Successfully. 13-01-2015 13:05:44 - Build Process 'Build_7000_DataUpdates' failed with the following error - Query+timeout+expired ::: +++at+System.Data.OleDb.OleDbCommand.ExecuteReaderInternal(CommandBehavior+behavior%2c
  13. Hi, I'm trying to upgrade from 6.350 to 7.105, but I'm getting an error during step 2: "Thread was being aborted" at Passwordstate.Upgrade.Build_Schema_Data_Updates. Looking into the logfiles I've found this: 13-01-2015 13:19:00 - Build 7000 Upgrade Started. 13-01-2015 13:19:00 - Build Process 'Build_7000_SchemeUpdates_Part1' failed with the following error - Column+names+in+each+table+must+be+unique.+Column+name+%27FQDN%27+in+table+%27dbo.ADDomains%27+is+specified+more+than+once. ::: +++at+System.Data.OleDb.OleDbCommand.ExecuteReaderInternal(CommandBehavior+behavior%2c+S
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