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  1. Language support

    Thanks for your answer. I understand that language support is not on your top priority's list for now. Keeping on developping new greats features for PasswordState it's already perfect (almost every months there's news for everyone) Hope to see one day my passwordstate in French in the future Best regards, Arnaud
  2. Language support

    Hi Click Studios, I'm still using your great software (since my first post in this topic). Any news about language support ? My offer for helping in the french translation still stand Can you move this topic to Passwordstate 7.x --> Feature Requests ? Best regards, Arnaud
  3. Thank you for these clarifications. Regards, Arnaud
  4. Thank you for your answer. I'm using Chrome that why this doesn't apply automatically (I've already noticed the button). Do you know why this can't be done in Firefox and Chrome ?
  5. Hello, Is it possible to add a timer to clear the password stored in the clipboard ? And the possibility to configure how many seconds before the clearing will be done. Regards, Arnaud
  6. Maintenance Mode

    Thank you for your answer. Regards, Arnaud
  7. Maintenance Mode

    Hello, Is there a possibility to add a "Maintenance Mode" feature to disconnect automaticaly all the users connected to PasswordState (except for the user that launch this maintenance mode of course). Or the possibility for a security administrator to disconnected users manualy in the "Active Users"'s windows It will be very useful to launch an update. PS : I know it's possible to restart the IIS web site but it's a little bit more complicated and it doesn't prevent users to reconnect Best regards,
  8. Language support

    I just discover your wonderful and very usefull app recently and presented it to my CIO who thinks like me. So if you need a french translator/tester, please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards, Arnaud