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  1. Hi,

    I´m using Passwordstate with the active directory authentication option enabled. I recently upgraded from version 5.5 (Build 5510) to version 5.6 (Build 5606) and now the domain\user name is no longer automatically filled out in the log in page. Can that option be activated again in settings or was this removed for a purpose ?

    It was a nice option not having to type in the domain\user name every time.

  2. It would be nice to be able to launch applications and authenticate with only a click of a button for the given password entry. I think ManageEngine and Clipperz (both web based password managers) have this feature to some extent so it should be possible if the coding language is not the deciding factor. It would be great to be able to launch applications (Remote Desktop for example) and login automatically. Also with web sites to have the option to customize the script that fills in the form/input data. So if for example web sites have a non-standard form or a third input field, that information could be added to the function to include.

  3. Re: Email templates - Add / Edit / Remove

    What I am interested in is having an option to add / edit / remove custom email templates. Not the predefined and editable ones as I would always like to keep the original ones that come installed. They seem to be fairly sufficien but I have the need to add at least one: Email notification when password list is exported.

    My issue today:

    A) I could not find that email template so I would have to change an existing template to try and get the system to send emails when a list has been exported. Having the option to add my own custom templates would be nice instead of changing a system template and loosing that one.

    B) If I changed a system template I wouldn't know what Categories and variables to use, is there a list somewhere? Or some documentations?. A drop down menu in the text editor could list all variables with a short description and once an item was selected it would be inserted into the textarea.

    I hope that I am making this more understandable :)

  4. It would be nice to be able to create a folder with password lists and sub-password lists and be able to share the whole structure with other members / groups.

    Example - An group or devision manager creates and manages all passwords for his devision. He could then select that devision and share the whole structure and sub content with the appropriate users. Any changes under that devision would synchronize to all the appropriate users.

    This would also make it easy for the Access / security manager as he could see the whole structure for the whole company.


    --- Devision A (folder)

    ------ List A

    ------ List B

    --- Devision B (folder)

    ------ List A

    --- Devision C (folder)

    ------ List A

    ------ List B

    ------ List C

    ------ List D

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