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  1. Hi there,


    I've asked this question before but I seem to have run into it again.  A version or two ago I asked a question about associating Templates and Permissions to a Security Group.   My thinking was I can create a folder assign a security group to it.  When someone in that group creates a Password list, it would auto pull the Template and Permissions accociated with the Security group.  


    Anyway in the past I was told I could assign Permissions and Templates by user.  Going to Administration>User Accounts>Some User>Miscellaneous.


    Today however as I was creating a password list I noted it was not following the settings assigned to my user.   Looking around a bit I found the User Account Policy and a policy that was set on Setting ID 27 and 28 to use a specific Template so I changed it to Ignore.  However it still seems to be applying that setting when I try to create a new password list.





  2. Ok this is pretty fantastic improvment.  I do have a few more suggestions if I may.


    If there was an option to add levels to a report for different LIsts so its broken down like this mock up.


    Also any chance of breaking it down in the Html report so its sorted?  Maybe add drop down box to sort by colum x in report?

    Love the option to change the quota on the report.





  3. Hi there at Click Studios,


    I wasn't aware of that option, thanks for pointing that out!  I've gone through and manually adjust the 20 users I have atm using the product.  I'd hate to manually adjust that for 100+ though!  A User Account Policy feature would be great! 


    I only recently moved to a AD group permission setup and if there was a option to tie User Account Policies that also defined the template to AD Groups or Local Security Groups that would work perfectly!




  4. Hi,


    Recently the daily audit report was done away with and the only option left is to create a custom audit report which puts everything into a csv file which is not viewable in the body of the email.  That being said, I'd really like to see two things.


    1.  The option under Reports -> Report settings  to change the file format to html.

    2.  The option under Reports -> Auditing settings to add a 2nd section to the same report.


    For example: The 1st line might say  All Passwords Lists > Login Attempt Failed  and the 2nd Line All Passwords Lists > Password Viewed


    Then in the report you would have two sections


    1st section Login Attempts Failed

    2nd section Passwords Viewed.


    Not dissimlar to the old Daily Audit Report but more configurable yet still viewable in the body of a email, and instead of having to get two emails a day for two different reports I'd just get the single email.


    thank you,



  5. I run into a problem where I've given some user rights to create new share password lists but they don't always think to use the template to give the new list the right permissions and then I end up having to fix it.


    I think it would be helpful if we could tie a Group of Users to a Default Template so then when anyone in that group creates a password list it defaults to the right set of permissions.


    Right now you can only assign one template for the whole site as sort of the default template.


    Obviously if you are working on inherited permissions based on a parent folder structure then that would take care of it as well. 





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