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  1. Greetings, PowerCLI is installed, the script works when manually running it. When running it through the PasswordState portal however, it fails with the above error. How does PasswordState run the scripts? Does it run under a service user? Does it alter anything about the script before it processes it? I could enable SSH before running the Linux reset, but would prefer to keep SSH disabled for safety. Irish
  2. Greetings, Cheers for the response, I have added a feature request. The issue seems to be linked to how the ChilkatDotNet45 library sends the username and password on the below line. $success = $ssh.AuthenticatePw($UserName, $CurrentPassword) It reports an incorrect password response, but that is not the case. Irish
  3. Greetings, The built in iDRAC scripts work for iDRAC7 but don't with iDRAC9. Can support for newer versions of the iDRAC SSH servers be added? It looks to be something related to how the ChilkatDotNet45 library passes the username and password. $success = $ssh.AuthenticatePw($UserName, $CurrentPassword) Connecting via putty works, but the scripts fail on the above line when trying iDRAC9 hosts. Irish
  4. What versions of iDRAC does PasswordState support? Your built in iDRAC scripts work for iDRAC7 but don't seem to with iDRAC9, is there any plans on supporting 9?
  5. Greetings, I am tearing my hair out over this issue. I have copied the example of how this works, here. The errant line is "Set-VMHostAccount -UserAccount $UserName -Password $NewPassword" The error is that the UserAccount value cannot be found. The line works when run directly in PowerShell on the server. So at least it should work. It doesn't matter if the line is updated to have 'root' in place of the $UserName. It doesn't matter if there are only 3 lines in the script (the connect, the error, the disconnect)
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