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  1. Dear clickstudios team, could you please update your Powershell scripts to use HTTPS (-useSSL) as the default WinRM connection method and only fall back when the connection is not successful. Cheers Sebastian
  2. Dear passwordstate team, one of our customers is evaluating passwordstate for a few thousand hosts and more than hundred admins. The need to create a lot of remote session credentials and would like to be able to automate this step. So having this possibility via your API would be great. Cheers Sebastian
  3. Never mind, the script worked in the customer's environment, so you can close the topic. Here's my powershell function. Function Add-PasswordList { param( [parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$PasswordstateURL, [parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$Passwordlistname, [parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [int]$PasswordlistTemplateID, [parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [int]$PasswordlistAdminGroupID, [parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [int]$PasswordGeneratorID ) if ($Passwordstate
  4. Hey there, as I'm automating password state tasks, it would be nice to have the possibility of starting a security group synchronization via API, so I can have newly created AD users in passwordstate faster. Cheers Sebastian
  5. Hi there, I have created passwordlists via API providing a password list template. The new lists work fine, but I realized that the Password Generator Policy is not being taken from the template. Instead the "Default Password Generator" policy is being used. Is this a general problem? Cheers Sebastian
  6. Hi there, I just installed version 8968 and the link for installing the client based launcher is missing from "Host Home". Am I missing something? Is there another way to install the Launcher? Cheers Sebastian
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