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  1. Hi Click Studios team Did you consider to add these kind of report in the meantime? In my environment I can see in the hosts tab that I have 450 hosts and 260 linked passwords. But unfortunately I didn't find yet any report to see, which hosts don't have a linked password. And before I start scripting, I would like to ask you guys if there is already something in place. Thank you and kind regards, Ralph
  2. Hello Click Studios team We are using a website which changes the field ids for the username and password at every reload. Maybe to prevent a usage of a password tool. ;-) The last part of the ids are always the same, but the first 3-4 characters are random. Is it possible to store the field ids in the passwordstate database in a way that wildcards are used to match the database entries with the website? I already tried %, * and $, unfortunately without luck. I assume that you use an equal operator instead of like, don't you? Maybe this is something for o
  3. Thank you for the explanation. Then we will wait for the next release. We are using Amazon RDS and there you cannot change the time zone. We would have to recreate the instance to change the time zone. Kind regards, Ralph
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. My mistake, I overlooked that option. Now it is working as expected.
  5. Hello Click Studios team I have also to wait for the password reset. For me the password reset takes exactly 2 hours, every time. I analysed the log on the server and can't find any error. It says for 2 hours after I triggered the reset "There are 0 records in the queue to process". But I can see it in the queue on the website. Then, after 2 hours, the records will be found in the queue and the password reset executed. The timestamp in the log file and on the website after the reset is the same except the hour, e.g. 11:41:12 (log) and 09:41:12 (website). So I think this is so
  6. Hello everybody I would like to use a private password list to reset my personal local accounts on several servers. But it looks like, I cannot activate this function in a private list. Did I do something wrong or is this not possible? Kind regards, Ralph
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