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  1. That didnt seem to work unfortunately, unless im doing something wrong. I vi /etc/sudoers file and add the follow at the very bottom: ## Enable sudo rootpw for Passwordstate Privileged Account Defaults Defaults:<svc_password_reset> rootpw Save it, then try to run the password reset again, and still nothing. The password to root is unchanged.
  2. Correct, i did this, and it's not working. It changes other local accounts, but not the root account. :/
  3. Yeah. When i log into a server as an AD account, i would run: sudo passwd root
  4. Hi Guys, Can you please tell me if there is a way to reset the root account on a linux server with an AD account with privilege? We do this with windows server. On linux, i can reset other accounts password but not the root. We are running build 8865 Thank you!
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