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  1. We have an issue with resetting scheduled tasks passwords. In Passwordstate, we have an AD account with a password reset depency. This dependecy is a scheduled task on a Windows Server 2019 server. The associated reset account is a privileged AD account. Due to the changes in Windows Server 2016, it is not possible for us to edit the scheduled task password. This is because a non-admin user cannot edit scheduled tasks which are being ran as another user (the user resetting the password is the privileged AD account, not the account the service runs as). The AD privileged user has administrator access on the local machine but the command to reset the password (schtasks.exe) must be run as administrator which isn't possible due to UAC. Is there any work around for this issue besides disabling UAC? Kind regards, Yordi
  2. Whilst trying to manually remove the .bak files i figured it out, the .bak files are placed in the backup location by the service account running the SQL database, in my case this is a different service account than the service account for running the backups. This caused a permission issue when deleting the files, adding delete permissions (see advanced NTFS permissions) on the SMB share solved the issue.
  3. When the amount of backups exceeds the configured limit, i get the following error during the next backup (build 8900): I have the required permissions on the shared directory where the files should be deleted, the backups themselves work fine but the automatic removing of old backups doesn't work. These are the backup files located in the directory: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Yordi.
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