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  1. Looks like SSH module used for password resets (at least for Cisco switches) only support DH1024, when i.e. switch requires DH2048 pass validation or reset fails. Tested on Cisco Catalyst 2960X, fw 15.2(4)E9. Switch config: ip ssh dh min size 2048 Switch Log: %SSH-3-DH_RANGE_FAIL: Client DH key range mismatch with minimum configured DH key on server Passwordstate log: A manual Account Heartbeat check failed to validated the password for account admin (<pass list>) of Account Type 'Cisco IOS' on Host <IP>. Error = Failed to validate password for account '<login>' on Host '<IP>'. Error = Exception calling "Connect" with "0" argument(s): "An established connection was aborted by the server."
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