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  1. Is it possible for me to be set permissions for specific users to be able to export the contents of a password list without setting them as an administrator of the list? I have a set of users that are managing hundreds of AD accounts we have in a password list and they need to be able to obtain the passwords for around 50 accounts at a time so instead of them having to click each password and make a note of it 50 times I would like to allow them to export the password list contents. I do not want them to be a full administrator permission to the list, just read only.
  2. PaulCa

    Bulk Password Domain Configuration

    The discovery job is exactly what I needed. Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi, I am trying to make a new password list for a set of 500 active directory accounts. The goal behind this is to use the password reset option so the passwords on these accounts are changed every 30 days by PasswordState. I can achieve this using the tools if I manually add an account and set it to be active directory however during this addition I have to manually enter the domain (as seen in the first screenshot here. There does not seem to be a way to set this on bulk either via the web page or via the import option. How can I set the domain for all accounts in a list at once?