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  1. Hi, I understand that I need to install it as a separate site in IIS but what with current installed selfdestruct website under passwordstate site as I sent you on last screenshot?
  2. I found something : https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/2522-self-destruct-message-doesnt-work-after-upgrade/ We have 2 Active nodes. selfdestruct is installed under passwordstate. Should I install it sparately? how should I uninstall only selfdestruct?
  3. Hi From my understanding Passwordstate is for give password to users who do not have permanent access to Passwordstate lists, is that correct? E.g. Service Desk sends passwords to users using this app. It means that we do not have all users there. Can I import all of them from AD somehow? I can see that I cann do it via CSV but what if new user comes. It does not make sense to import it manually. I aaked my user for sending me this message. Ican see from e-mail that there's " This message will expire 3 days from the time of this email being sent. " but once I open
  4. Hi, I have 2 questions. 1. When I want to send Self Destruct message I can see drop down list. When I chose any iser, he received my message. However, 90% of users are not visible there and I cannot send message to me. When I put my e-mail addres manually I have nevere received this message (3 attempts). From my understanding I should import those contacts somewhow. Why part of users are in drop down list and part not? I am checking it as a Passwordstate administrators so lack of permissions is not possible. 2. My user claims he sends self destruct message and he tr
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